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Video Clips of our Morgans



  Enjoy my 3D book of our journey with Cortez over the last 10 years. Many slideshows to enjoy on the way through.
Slideshow - The Wilga Park Team present the Morgan Breed Display at Toowoomba Royal in 2014
Footage of Wilga Park Laelia's first bath and training session at the age of 16 months. Her first lengthy time away from the herd. She behaved beautifully.
Video Footage of Wilga Park Kachina. She is a little over 2 years old here. She is a Foundation Morgan filly, with pure western working bloodlines on her sire's side and pure Lippitt on her Dam's side. An awesome breeding prospect ... but also Kachina will make a lovely saddle horse.
Video Footage of Wilga Park Kachina as a two year in a training session with Greg. Greg commented that Kachina really connects with her handler and accepts, very willingly, the partnership with the handler as the leader.
Slide Show of Wilga Park Grenadier, at 15 months of age, having some serious training. He was Superb! He behaved like a much older horse.
  Slideshow of our visitors having fun on our Morgans in the Trail paddock.
  Video footage of Wilga Park Tarragon, just 13 months old and already just a tad under 14hh. He will be an awesome sport horse - but will also be happy out on a trail!
  Video footage of Wilga Park Grenadier, just 14 months old and already 14hh. He will be an awesome riding gelding! Note at the end of the video, after all his racing around the new paddock, how calm he was to catch and lead away. He is a total delight!
Video footage of Wilga Park Desert Rose, just four years old, being started with Phil Rodey at Branxton, New South Wales. Desert Rose is a beautiful mare who captured out hearts at birth.

Video Footage of the Fun Greg and Tam had with Cortez, in the Trail Paddock, at the end of the days work on the Bridge. Greg had the priviledge of being the first to ride over the Bridge and then Tam, his Bridge Building Buddy, took the reins and she and Cortez had some fun on the other parts of the Trail.

Video Footage of Wilga Park Babies with Visitors in January 2013

Enjoy the Video Footage of Wilga Park Grenadier, Wilga Park Laelia and Wilga Park Tarragon with their Mums.

We can't help feeling that Grenadier holds all the attributes that his older siblings have, and wants to deliver them all with his own particular brand. He is unfazed, deliberate, thinking, inquisitive, contained, and yet exudes his own brand of personality that makes him fun to be around.

Castelao is the fifth foal from Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha (aka Elle), as Elle was out performing in the Dressage scene until she was six. Castelao is the first bay foal from this cross - the others being black or buckskin.

Video footage of Castelao at 3 months having his first lead training session.

Kachina, born on New Year's day, at the very civil hour of 9.00am, has been an absolute joy to us. She is much more than we expected. We wouldn't be unhappy if she stayed in our paddock - Video footage of her first training session at 15 months old.


Belated 2012 - Highlights of the Morgan Breed Display at Toowoomba Royal 2012.

2013 - RanchBoss Cortez - running free in the paddock at home.

2013 - RanchBoss Cortez and Linda doing what they love best. We were invited to do a Morgan breed demonstration at the inaugural 'State of Origin Challenge' at the International One Day Event Program at Warwick in March.


2012 - Demonstration of Western Dressage With and Without a Bridle at the Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships held in October.

click here to view video of Cortez and Linda doing their demonstration.


2012 - First Western Dressage Freestyle in Australia at the Australian National Morgan Show.

click here to view video of Linda and Cortez


2011 - Darling Downs Festival of the Horse Stud Tour at Wilga Park Morgans.

click here to view video of the fabulous Display


2011 EKKA - Cortez and Linda Shore entertained the crowd with their Display.

click here to view video of Linda & Cortez



Australian National Morgan Show 2011 - Fun and Entertainment with your Morgan - Wilga Park Morgans do it again! Medium Level Dressage without a Bridle .. RanchBoss Cortez and Linda Shore.

photo by Christine Maroni Photography

Linda Shore with our outstanding stallion, RanchBoss Cortez. This horse is one in a million!! He is just so willing to please.

Medium Dressage with no Bridle - click here to view video

Australian National Morgan Show 2011 - Fun and Entertainment with your Morgan - Roman Riding with Linda Shore, Mt Tawonga Nepean and Mt Tawonga Oscar!

photo by Christine Maroni Photography

Linda Shore Roman Riding our two boys, full brothers Mt Tawonga Nepean and Mt Tawonga Oscar - these boys are phenomenal!! And Linda is the most versatile, talented horse trainer a Morgan owner could wish for. She decided it was a good idea to try this, just a couple of months prior to the Show ...

Roman Riding with Morgans - click here to view video

Highlights of the Morgan Breed Display at Toowoomba Royal 2011

RanchBoss Cortez and Linda Shore ... going sideways just as easily as forwards

Linda Shore and our Morgans had fun at the RASQ Toowoomba Royal Show during the Annual Morgan Breed Display held on the Saturday of the Show.

Fun/Entertainment with Morgans - click here to view video

Linda Shore with Mt Tawonga Nepean & Mt Tawonga Oscar, learning how to do Roman Riding.

Linda and the boys are working well together in preparation for the Australian National Morgan show to be held on April 8-10 at Toowoomba Show grounds.

To see the video click here

Linda Shore on Mt Tawonga Nepean and Mt Tawonga Oscar

RanchBoss Cortez Fun Freestyle Day November 2010

Linda and Cortez had fun showing off Cortez's style at the Fun Freestyle Day held by Toowoomba Dressage Inc. Linda is brilliant at Choreography ... she rode this pattern just once on Cortez prior to the day. We had no idea she had planned this piece.

Fun Freestyle - Medium - Puttin' On the Ritz - click here to view video

Puttin' on the Ritz

RanchBoss Cortez First Medium Dressage Competiton 2010

Linda and Cortez performed a lovely Medium Dressage Test in November 2010. The Judges comments, when giving him 60% score was that - "When you look so beautiful, you can afford to fluff up your flying lead changes!" We were very proud of these two on the day.

First Medium Dressage - click here to view video


Fun Freestyle Day November 2010

Gail and Nepean, Linda and Oscar ... performed their Cowgirls Pas De Deux at the Fun Freestyle day at Toowoomba Dressage Club in November. These ladies and very fat, unfit horses took out the first ribbon for their efforts. It was a lot of fun

Fun Freestyle Pas de Deux with a Difference - Click to view video

Brisbane EKKA Display 2010

Linda rode Cortez with just a leather halter and leather strap attached to the chin strap. This footage shows just how willing Cortez is to do what ever his rider asks.

Ekka Demonstration to music - Click to view video

Videos of 2010 Morgan Breed Display

Linda Shore rode Cortez, our wonderful stallion, with just a stockwhip around his neck. Cortez showed off the Morgan Nature in true style! Trainability in bucket loads!

Cortez - Click to view video


Pas de Trois - click to view video

Kirra on Mt Tawonga Oscar, Gail on Mt Tawonga Nepean and Linda on Cortez performed a lovely Pas de Trois.


Mt Tawonga Oscar - click to view video

Linda then took Mt Tawonga Oscar into the arena and showed off the fantastic versatility of the Morgan Horse. Oscar performed his Dressage moves in double bridle and then, with a quick change and swap of the double bridle for a simple lead rope, Oscar showed just what a great cow horse a Morgan can be.


Last updated: October 2013

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