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RanchBoss Cortez

Ranchboss Cortez - April 1999 (Primavera Valdez X Telura's BlackGold), 15'2hh, is Australia's very first coloured pure Morgan. We imported him to Australia in 2005.

He is a stunning buckskin (EE Aa CrCrn); his coat shot with spun gold, with the temperament of a gelding but with the presence of a magnificent stallion. Cortez will never produce a chestnut foal.

Cortez is one of only 19.1% of Morgan stallions registered in the decade 1990-2000 to be classified as a Foundation Morgan.

For us, temperament is on the top of the list of 'must haves', and this stallion has sweetness, kindness and willingness in abundance.

Bred and raised in California USA, by Nina Bates of Bossert Ranch, Cortez was started at the age of five and given three months training as a Western Reining horse, before being leased for stud duties by Old Growth Oak Morgan stud. They particularly wanted Cortez's bloodlines as he comes from those wonderful old foundation lines and is pure western working stock.

View Cortez in action on our Videos Page

Click here for Cortez's Pedigree

Cortez has produced many foals from live cover, frozen and chilled semen. His fertility is unquestionable.

Australia - AI - Fresh or Chilled or Frozen semen

Australian STUD FEES 2019

Pure Bred Morgan Mares & Non Morgan mares: $1550.00 AUD payable as follows-

Handling Fee: $250.00 Non-refundable.

Service Fee: $1300.00

Fees payable at time of ordering semen. The results of a pregnancy test, conducted no later than 17 days post insemination, is to be provided by mare owner.

The Service Fee is refundable should the pregnancy test be negative or the stallion may be collected again. Handling Fee is applicable each time the stallion is collected.

With the first test being positive, a further pregnancy test is required at around 45 days. This positive result will protect the mare owner for a possible Free Return.

One Free Return (free service fee) is offered should the mare not produce a foal, or, if preferred, the service fee is refunded.

Handling fee is payable on a Free Return.

Mare owner is responsible for all Vet costs.

Enquiries are most welcome.

Cortez has attended two Australian National Morgan Horse Shows - 2011 & 2012

Cortez was Supreme Champion Pure Morgan in Hand and Supreme Champion Ridden Pure Morgan-2011

Supreme Champion Pure Morgan in Hand - 2012

Winner of the People's Choice Award on both occassions

See more photos and details of Cortez by clicking on his name Ranchboss Cortez  

Greg and Cortez

USA & Canada - AI Frozen semen

We have Frozen semen stored at Select Breeeders in Marylands, USA for use in USA.

We also have Frozen semen stored in British Columbia, Canada for use in Canada.

This semen has produced a number of foals, so there is no question about it's viability.

We look forward to enquiries from interested parties. A breeding contract will be provided.

Booking Fee in USA & Canada - $100.00 AU non refundable, and Service Fee $975 AU = total $1,075.00 AU.

Please note the fee stated on the Foundation Morgan website is out of date. The above fee is the applicable fee.

Enquiries are most welcome

Ragtime Oro Blanco - 2001 - (Robbie Sue's Mr Alert X CAS Twilight Amber), 15hh, is a magnificent perlino stallion (Ee Aa Cr Cr) and he has progeny in USA, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Known as Casper, this stallion has the quality of temperament that we insist on. He is a kind, well mannered & willing horse who enjoys the company of people.

We consider ourselves fortunate to have frozen semen from this stallion to be able to breed coloured foals with excellent temperament, type and sound conformation with our fabulous mares.

2016 note - Casper is no longer available.




Ragtime Oro Blanco - aka Casper  


Last updated:October 2019

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