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Wilga Park Foals Due

Foals Due

Below is some detail of the mares who produced foals to suit all disciplines.

RanchBoss Cortez continues to sire foals, even though Wilga Park Morgans has retired from breeding their own mares.

The mares below have produced outstanding foals for us. All are excellent young Morgans, with straight legs, great feet and most importantly, beautiful minds. Some have already earned multiple Champion sashes in their respective Morgan Breed classes, others are doing well in the Dressage arena and the Cowboy Dressage court.

We ceased breeding our own mares in 2017, but Cortez is available to outside mares.

To see previous foals from these mares, go to our Foals page.

Red Bluff Paprika

Read Paprika's story here

Red Bluff Paprika 14'2hh - Born Dec 2002 - (Taproot Messenger X Mt Tawonga Evonne) has the temperament of the true Morgan.

Morgans are renowned for being a "thinking" horse, with laid-back natures and Paprika fits this description perfectly. Nothing fazes this mare.

She has been lightly started and has amazed us with just how 'laid back' she is. The farrier trims her in the paddock without a halter, the Vet ultrasounds her without a halter, and she stands to be hosed down without a halter. Truly an unflappable horse.

Paprika has been colour tested and is ee Aa, which means she hides an agouti gene under that chestnut coat. This means she can produce black, smokey black, buckskin or bay foals with Cortez.

Paprika's movement is ideal for the western horse. She is as smooth as glass to ride.

Paprika will continue to have Cortez babies as they are such delightful packages ... taller than expected from a small mare and always with smooth, gliding strides.


Paprika at 9 years (above)

Wilga Park Desert Rose

Born Dec 2009 (RanchBoss Cortez X Wilga Park Tippuhana) - Started by reknowned horseman, Phil Rodey. His comments were that this was a mare 'that could really get some work done'. She is extremely athletic with the perfect blending of sensitivity and sensiblilty.

Desert Rose has great potential as a ridden horse.

Desert Rose has already earned her Champion Sashes, beginning at the young age of 15 months old when she was Champion Morgan Mare against a strong line up of older mares at the Toowoomba Royal. She has always been a beautiful eye catching girl.

Colour genetics are Ee Aa

Desert Rose and Ragtime Oro Blanco (frozen semen) gave us a stunning palomino colt in December 2015.

Desert Rose has been sold to Tammy-Lee Penney and is embarking on her Cowboy Dressage career.


Red Bluff Evette

Born January 2006-(Clearwater Black Majesty X Mt Tawonga Evonne) has been leased to us by Jane and Kim Warren for a Cortez foal.

Evette is a homozygous black (EE) mare and has the same dam as Red Bluff Paprika. She has that same unflappable nature as Paprika and we feel she will produce a foal with a superb temperament and possibly a more compact gallaway size.

Evette has been started and has proved to be a very sensible, calm and affable partner. She blends well in our herd and is a not a dominant mare, however, she is self confident in all new situations and accepts the unexpected without the flick of an ear.

Evette and Cortez will produce a homozygous black, a smokey black, a bay or a buckskin.

Evette gave us a beautiful smokey black colt foal on Monday 28 September 15. Wilga Park Eclipse is Mr Personality.

Evette has been sold to John Gate and hopefully will produce a full lippitt foal for him.

Red Bluff Evette

Red Bluff Evette

Pelennor Belmarie

Pelennor Belmarie

Born September1996 - (Woodrun Mandrake X Mt Tawonga Tisha) has been leased to us by her very generous owner, Christine Maroni. Belle has unique bloodlines.

Belle's sire, Mandrake, is a full Lippitt Morgan and her dam, Tisha, brought the Government/Sport Morgan lines to the mix.

Bred in Western Australia, Belle has made her way to Queensland with her owner, Christine. Before leaving WA, Belle was in foal to our Cortez. She arrived in the Eastern States and within a few months had delivered her superb smokey black filly, Bella Vista Narda.

Belle had also given her breeder, Pelennor Stud a stunning filly before Christine purchased her

Belle has had four beautiful filly foals with Cortez, only one of those with Wilga Park prefix. Chris has retired Belle from breeding, so we are very grateful to have had our Nevada Rose in 2015.

Wilga Park Malaynee

Born Sep 2005 -(Karenza Malanion X Eagleview Skybeau) our very first foal, was leased back to us to produce a second generation for Wilga Park. Wilga Park Bullrush was born in 2012.

Mallaynee lost her 2013 buckskin filly, aborting her 5 weeks early due to those horrible marching caterpillars, but successfully delivered another lovely buckskin filly in 2014 for us.

Malaynee is an outstanding mare and has all the attributes her beautiful Mother has.

Malaynee's owner, Jane, purchased her before she was born, and has had her started using Parelli methods in 2008.

Malaynee is a highly intelligent, athletic mare who will excel in whatever discipline she attempts. She has matured at around 14'1, a little smaller than her 14'3hh Dam. She has never had an 'ugly' day in her life. Karenza Malanion (dec), her sire, was a 14'2hh stallion with full Lippitt bloodlines, exhibiting the powerful traits of the original Morgan stallion, Justin Morgan.

Malaynee's name stems from Jane's two children, Melissa and Wayne ... with a twist to the spelling to incorporate Malanion, the sire.

For those interested in colour genetics, Malaynee is classified as Ee Aa.

We were fortunate to breed Malaynee to Wilga Park Conquistador for a Cortez grandson (Wilga Park Arizona Sunset). What a handsome and intelligent foal they produced!

Malaynee will continue to have Cortez foals for us.

Wilga Park Malaynee

Eagleview Skybeau (aka Calypso)

Read Calypso's story HERE

Eagleview Skybeau 14'3hh - Born Nov 1997- (Marvelous Encore X Mt Tawonga Bea) was the first Morgan we purchased. From a three year old to now being a brood mare, she has accomplished much. Even at the age of three she was a steady, sensible trail horse suitable for a nervous, green rider.She had basic training in western reining, and then was taught some dressage, jumping and has learned how to be a Stockhorse as well. She shows the true versatility of the Morgan.

Skybeau was awarded Supreme Champion at the National Morgan Show as a three month old foal and then, at the age of four, she was awarded High Point Pure Bred of the Show for her performances.

This mare can produce a foal that will be superbly athletic, sensible and suitable to any discipline one desires, as she has shown potential in all arenas. Her cow sense is awesome, she is a winner in the Hack Ring and she loves to jump.

All of Calypso's babies are highly intelligent and athletic with beautiful natures.

Colour genetics for Calypso Ee aa

Calypso gave us the most delightful smokey black filly, Sassafras, in 2014. However, it was a 'red bag' birth and we will not risk her carrying another foal. We will only do embryo transfer with her now, if there is a demand for it.

Wilga Park Sassafras, born in 2014, is the one and only filly from this outstanding cross.


Haymeron Park Ruby Jane (aka RJ)

Read RJ's story here

Haymeron Park Ruby Jane 14'3hh - Born Nov 2003 - (Karenza Apollo X Karenza Amethyst) is an outstanding mare from full Lippitt bloodlines. She is one of 12.6% of mares registered since 2000 who qualify for the elite title of Foundation Morgan.

Ruby Jane (RJ) displays all the historical attributes bestowed upon the Morgan horse. She is a horse who loves to please. She leaves the herd which can be way out of sight over the hill, simply to come to us to say hello and invite us to do something with her, be it a ride or just a scratch. As a green broke horse, with just an hour or two riding under her belt, RJ led a group of horses on a trail ride, as brave as a horse who'd done it a hundred times before.

This wonderful mare has fluid, elastic movement and has competed at Dressage where I proudly accepted the first place ribbons, she so deservedly won. She has also won in the Show Ring, sporting the wide green, Reserve Champion Sash in 2007.

As RJ is colour coat tested as EE AA (two black genes, EE, and two agouti, AA), she will provide us with either bay or buckskin Foundation foals with Cortez, who will, without doubt, prove to be Morgans with sensible minds and the capability to suit any discipline one chooses.

We bred RJ to Ragtime Oro Blanco (Casper) via our frozen semen for a 2014 buckskin baby and he is a Cracker. Her 2015 Casper baby will have the Leambro Stud prefix, and she will continue on to produce wonderful foals for them.

Mt Tawonga Natasha (aka Elle or Elegance)

Read Elle's Story - click here

Mt Tawonga Natasha 15'1hh - Born Oct 1999 - (Marvelous Encore X Mt Tawonga Margaret) is a true performance mare from Lippitt & Government Lines.

Mt Natasha is known to us as 'Elegance' because of her graceful style and way of going. She has performed well, as a green broke horse with a very new, nervous competitor on her back, through to State Championships at Novice level. She was training at Elementary Level, with some Medium work as well at the end of the 2006 season, when she joined the brood mare paddock.

Elegance (colour genetics Ee Aa) will provide us with performance foals from both RanchBoss Cortez and Ragtime Oro Blanco. With Cortez she will produce black, smokey black, bay and buckskin babies and with Ragtime Oro Blanco she will throw smokey black, buskskin or palomino.

Elle was sold, in foal to Cortez, to Warrabel Morgans in 2015 and will continue on in their breeding program to produce athletic babies for them.

Mt Tawonga Natasha - her first year of competition

Mt Tawonga Marella (Wawayanda Watchout x Aura Dell Misty)

Marella has presented us with excellent foals. Each of her foals have their own special personality, but all are tarred with the same 'performance' brush.

Marrella's movement is free flowing with that touch of elevation and she seems to pass that on to her offspring.

These foals are best described as having an excellent mix of 'sensibility and sensitivity'.

Marrella was sold, in foal to Cortez, to Rachel Whan of Hodgson Park Morgans in Western Australia in 2013, after she lost Marrella's daughter, Wilga Park Tippuhana, to colic.


Last updated: May 2020

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