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Wilga Park Morgans:Foals

Wilga Park Foals

Bay, Buckskin, Black, Smokey Black, Brown and Palomino!!

Each of our mares has produced quality foals. We feel proud to have bred these wonderful babies.

Our mares are our most precious equines, as they continue to produce our foals who will go on to lead productive lives in sharing many memorable moments with their partners. The level of care given our mares is such that the babies have all the very best nutrition from conception onwards.

We ensure the foals' little hooves are checked shortly after birth. Their hooves are trimmed, if necessary, from just a few weeks of age, to ensure they have the very best opportunity to grow correctly.

Click on each Mare's name to see her beautiful babies.

Eagleview Skybeau


Eagleview Skybeau's Foals

Calypso has delivered us many wonderful foals ... Calypso, as she is known, was our very first Morgan. Her intelligence and ability to do well at everything we pointed her at, has amazed us. Calypso is now producing wonderful foals who in turn, are amazing their owners. Each one has been super smart and a joy to own. Sadly, Calypso will no longer carry a foal herself.

Calypso's last filly (2014), Wilga Park Sassafras, is the only filly from the Cortez x Calypso breeding, which makes her rather special. She was a 'red bag' birth which, thankfully, ended well, but we will not risk the life of Calypso or any future foals by breeding her again.

Red Bluff Paprika


Red Bluff Paprika's Foals

Paprika is the typical Morgan. Her super gentle temperament is such that she would make the perfect child's mount. Paprika is just 14'2hh, but she is producing foals that well exceed her height. Paprika produces super quality foals that have a length of stride and easy going lope that looks extremely comfortable.


Malaynee and Jane

Wilga Park Malaynee's Foals

Malaynee (our very first foal) leased back to us by her very generous owners, Kim and Jane Warren, has presented us with two buckskin babies, both with really sweet natures and with a streak of cheeky personality that makes us laugh.

Malaynee is extremely intelligent and beautiful as well. She is a mare who gives you her 'all' once a relationship has been built.

She is a horse who loves to go bush bashing, is agile as a cat and sure footed in rough terrain. Malaynee has also won her share of Ribbons in the show ring, in hand and under saddle.

She certainly takes after her sire and dam in every way. Karneza Malanion and Eaglview Skybeau are both very 'cowy' and this exquisite mare has that cow sense as well.

Malaynee is an excellent mother. She allows her foal to have freedom of expression, but is there to nuzzle them away from anything she considers to be a threat.

Wilga Park Desert Rose and Tammy-Lee


Wilga Park Desert Rose's Foals

Wilga Park Desert Rose - Born 16 Decembe 2009 - (Ranchboss Cortez X Wilga Park Tippuhana) has been special since the day she was born.

Desert Rose was started by reknowned horseman, Phil Rodey . His comments were that this was a mare 'that could really get some work done'. She is extremely athletic with the perfect blending of sensitivity and sensiblilty.

This mare has great potential as a ridden horse.

Desert Rose has already earned her Champion Sashes, beginning at the young age of 15 months old when she was Champion Morgan Mare against a strong line up of older mares at the Toowoomba Royal. She has now taken to motherhood as if she was born to nuture babies ... she excels at whatever she turns her mind to.

Colour genetics are Ee Aa


Belle with her owner, Christine


Pelennor Belmarie's Foals

Pelennor Belmarie - Born September1996 - (Woodrun Mandrake X Mt Tawonga Tisha) has been leased to us by her very generous owner, Christine Maroni. Belle has unique bloodlines.

Belle's sire, Mandrake, is a full Lippitt Morgan and her dam, Tisha, brought the Government/Sport Morgan lines to the mix.

Bred in Western Australia, Belle has made her way to Queensland with her owner, Christine. Before leaving WA, Belle was in foal to our Cortez. She arrived in the Eastern States and within a few months had delivered her superb smokey black filly, Bella Vista Narda.

Belle had also given her breeder, Pelennor Stud a stunning filly before Christine purchased her

Belle has had two beautiful filly foals with Cortez for Christine and has delivered us a beautiful buckskin filly in 2015.



Red Bluff Evette's Foals

Red Bluff Evette

Born January 2006-(Clearwater Black Majesty X Mt Tawonga Evonne) has been leased to us by Jane and Kim Warren for a Cortez foal.

Evette is a homozygous black (EE) mare and has the same dam as Red Bluff Paprika. She has that same unflappable nature as Paprika and we feel she will produce a foal with a superb temperament and possibly a more compact gallaway size.

Evette has been started and has proved to be a very sensible, calm and affable partner. She blends well in our herd and is a not a dominant mare, however, she is self confident in all new situations and accepts the unexpected without the flick of an ear.

Evette and Cortez have given us a lovely smokey black colt in 2015.

Mt Tawonga Natasha with Rachel Whan at competition - just 4 years old

Mt Tawonga Natasha's Foals

Mt Tawonga Natasha (aka Elegance or Elle) was a competition mare until she was six and had the potential to be an awesome dressage horse. She is now producing stunning babies for us and enjoying her time being a Mum. Natasha (aka Elle) is a mare of substance with excellent conformation. Her breeding (Marvelous Encore X Mt Tawonga Margaret) could be classed as one of those 'Golden Cross' breedings.

Put that Golden Cross with the magnificent breeding of RanchBoss Cortez and you have a very special foal indeed.


Mt Tawonga Marrella

Mt Tawonga Marrella's Foals

Marella has presented us with excellent foals. Each of her foals have their own special personality, but all are tarred with the same 'performance' brush.

Marrella's movement is free flowing with that touch of elevation and she seems to pass that on to her offspring.

These foals are best described as having an excellent mix of 'sensibility and sensitivity'.

Marrella was sold, in foal to Cortez, to Rachel Whan of Hodgson Park Morgans in Western Australia in 2013, after she lost Marrella's daughter, Wilga Park Tippuhana, to colic.

Haymeron Park Ruby Jane

Haymeron Park Ruby Jane's Foals

Haymeron Park Ruby Jane (RJ to us) has presented us with exquisite babies.

RJ was started as a three year old and we have never experienced anything like RJ's temperament under saddle. One week under saddle, RJ went on a trail ride with 4 other horses. She was happy to lead the group past a large piggery shed at a time when every pig was squealing loudly for food without flinching. She walked, trotted and cantered along as if she'd been out on the trail for years.

She was exactly the same when I took her out to competition for the first time a few weeks later. She wasn't fazed by any of the surroundings, she just knew she was going to go into that white arena (that she had never seen before) and perform at her best. She brought home the first place ribbons in both her classes.

RJ has become the most perfect mother. Her babies are confident and need no-one to guide them. They each have an independence and a personality that we really enjoy and admire.

Mt Tawonga Tabitha


Mt Tawonga Tabitha's Foals

Mt Tawonga Tabitha (leased to us by Christine Maroni) has presented us with an exquisite filly, Wilga Park Kachina.

Tabitha spent her early years in the hills of Mt Beauty. She is a pure Lippitt mare and also a Foundation Mare.

Tabitha has never been started, but she has the most awesome trot. There is no mistaking her athletic ability and her sweet nature.


Wilga Park Tippuhana - 3 years of age

Wilga Park Tippuhana's Foals

Tippuhana has presented us with an exquisite filly by Cortez, Wilga Park Desert Rose.

Tippuhana travelled to Western Australia, in foal to Cortez, to her new owner, in August 2010. Rachel has bred two superbly temperamented horses to suit any rider with this wonderful mare. We were sorry to see her leave our Broodmare paddock, but also ecstatic about her future with Rachel.

Sadly, Tippuhana passed away in 2013.

Click HERE to see our mares due to foal next season.


Last updated: Nov 2015

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