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Wilga Park Morgans

Wilga Park Tarragon

Tarragon is the sixth foal for us from Mt Tawonga Marrella and the fourth foal by Cortez. He is now owned by Nila Latimer of NSW. He is destined for a career in Dressage.

Tarragon and Nila - Champion Gelding at the Inaugural Qld State Morgan Show November 15 - Tarragon's first ever outing Another ribbon for Tarragon
Nila witnessed his birth .... he is now her 4th pure Morgan gelding Practicing for the in hand Trail class at the Qld State Show 2015


Footage of Tarragon at 13 months

Tarragon is uncertain about his first bath He was curious about the water
Tarragon decided he loved his bath Showing off in a show bridle
He has the most beautiful eyes Tarragon at about 10 months of age
Tarragon - winter woolies -8 months old Tarragon's gorgeous eye
Tarragon and Greg investigating the hill - 8 mths old

Tarragon and Laelia having some fun. Tarragon- 6 weeks old

Above:- Tarragon - 2 weeks old Above: - Tarragon following the older kids and Paprika

Tarragon - just born and wanting to meet Nila, our friend who was visiting

Day 4 and trying out those long long legs

Tarragon nibbling on his Mum

He really has those legs mastered now and loves to show off when we encourage him

He was born at the wonderful hour of 6.50am, as we were cleaning Marrella's stable and giving her the morning feed. If we hadn't been observent, I'm sure Marrella would have managed to pop Tarragon out without us noticing for a while. I was preparing the feed for the rest of the herd and she was happily munching on her morning lucerne biscuit when we noticed a leg protruding. Marrella managed to keep eating until it was time to lay down for that final push to deliver her tall, gorgeous bay boy.

We feel Tarragon will have the potential to be an excellent performance horse with a super temperament to be able to handle any situation. He is so accepting of his new world and as brave as they come. As soon as he and his Mum were put back with the herd, he immediately wanted to go introduce himself to everyone. His Mum had to steer him away, as the herd were all curious and keen to meet him, all at once.

Looking out over the paddock a little later, it was lovely to see the herd had spread out, but Tarragon's older sister, Tillandsia, and Marrella's grand daughter, Wilga Park Desert Rose, were both hanging close by. Horses seem to be able to determine family members.

Tarragon looks like he will be a well balanced power house of strength and stability - both in mind and body.

Description of Tarragon ...

This aromatic perennial is grown for its distinctively flavoured leaves and it lends its unique flavour profile to many culinary delights.  It also has many beneficial medicinal purposes.

It is interesting to note that during the medieval period, devotees undertaking pilgrimages to distant lands would often pack their shoes with stems of tarragon with the belief that the herb would provide them with additional energy and strength.


Last updated Nov 15

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