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Wilga Park Tamarack

Wilga Park Tamarack is the fifth foal Marrella has had for us and each of them has been outstanding. Cortez stamps his foals with a very amenable temperament, and Marrella adds that tiny bit of spark to her foals that creates a beautiful mix of sweet, kind, sensible and responsive natures in the foals.

Tamarack is built to be able to perform any task asked of him. He could very well make a wonderful stallion, but his destiny is to be with someone who simply wants to have a responsive, willing riding partner, and he will show many, along the way, what a wonderful partnership one can have with a Morgan horse.

Some photos of Tamarack to enjoy .....

Tamarack - just a six days old - love that walk

Tamarack showing his style


Last updated: January 2012

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