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Wilga Park Morgans

Wilga Park Sassafras

Read about Sassafras below ... More photos and more information to come as Sassafras grows.

Sassafras 1 week old Sassafras 11 days old

Sassafras is the last foal Eagleview Skybeau (aka Calypso) will carry herself. We count our blessings that Calypso was able to carry this beautiful filly full term. However, the birth was a traumatic one, with the placenta coming away with little Sassafras still enclosed. We were able to cut into the 'red bag' and deliver Sassafras in time that she was not deprived of oxygen.

I have not wanted to part with this beautiful speciman of Morgan filly. She has all those wonderful attributes of her Dam and Sire that we love ... sound mind, intelligence and athleticism beyond her years, sweet nature and the 'look' that we love. Sassafras appears to be taking after her older, smokey black, siblings and will be over 15hh.

Sassafras has exactly the same colour genetics as her three older brothers who are also smokey black - homozygous black with one cream gene - EE Crn.

Good sense must over-ride my desire to keep this beautiful girl. However, her home will have to be one where she can excel as a riding horse. Sassafras has so much to give as an athlete, it would not be fair to deprive her of the opportunity to display her talents before she is put to the task of producing babies.

The description of the Sassafras Tree:-

Sassafras is one of the wild treasures of North America. Legend has it that the windborne fragrance of the trees enabled Columbus to persuade his mutinous crew that land was near, and the herb is still one of the spicier delights to be found on a walk in the woods.

Sassafras is versatile. While the wood is light and strong, it is soft and easily worked.  The leaves, bark, fruit and roots of the sassafras are used for many varied medicinal purposes

..... more photos to follow as the beautiful Sassafras grows:


Last updated May 2015

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