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Wilga Park Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a gorgeous RanchBoss Cortez X Eagleview Skybeau (aka Calypso) baby. Any baby out of my very first Morgan holds a special place in my heart, and this one is no exception. He is an outstanding example of the Cortez X Calypso cross. His colour genetics are exactly the same as his older brother Serjania (aka Jack). EE aa Crn ... a smokey black. Recently described as 'a luxurious, rich, smooth velvety chocolate'

Cruz is light and easy with his responses, but laid back and sensible as well. He will be an exceptional riding horse, just like his parents.

This chocolate boy has huge potential. His owner, Jan, has realised the value of a sensible, generous spirited Morgan in his older brother, Jack, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase another just like him for her daughter. Cruz was sold at two months of age. Congratulations, Jan ... and what fortunate timing you had in making that call <g>

Calypso and Santa Cruz - just born



Last updated: May 2011

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