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Wilga Park Morgans

Wilga Park Nevada Rose - SOLD

Read about Nevada Rose below - More photos and more information to come as Nevada grows.

Nevada has chosen her forever person in Amanda and we know this partnership is going to be a great one!



Nevada at 4 months Nevada at 2 weeks
Photos above are of big boy Arizona meeting little girl Nevada Rose

Two cute buckskins - 3 weeks apart in age

Nevada Rose ... This filly is out of the only daughter of Woodrun Mandrake (Pelennor Belmarie) by RanchBoss Cortez. She is one of three at this point in time. She has two older full sisters, one of them now entering her endurance training with Christine Maroni.

It is difficult to describe this stunning filly. She is buckskin with only one or two white hairs on her forehead. This little girl does not need 'bling' to make her special. She is a total delight just as she is. She is exquisite! Sweet, dainty and delicate are words that come to mind, but she has a personality that indicates she will not take any rubbish from the boys. She has the beautiful balance of 'feminine yet strong'.

Belle is keeping her a little apart from the herd at the moment and I love to watch her entertain herself. She finds joy in almost anything she comes across. She loves to gallop circles and play imaginery games with herself ... such a lovely time waster :)

The description of Nevada Rose:-

Nevada Rose has a mild, sweet fragrance.  The blooming season starts with an abundant first flush in early summer. Later flowers are often tinged pink. Nevada forms tall climbing bushes with roundish, light green leaves. The long, arching shoots have a dark chocolate brown colour, few prickles and are entirely covered with blooms during the first flowering flush. This vigorous cultivar tolerates rain and poorer soils, is very hardy and generally disease resistant. It also has a delightfully delicate flower.

..... more photos to follow as the handsome Arizona grows:


Last updated Nov 2015

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