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Wilga Park Morgans

Wilga Park Latte

Read about Latte below ... More photos and more information to come as Latte grows.

SOLD to Bruce and Julie Cornelius of Mollydooka Morgans, Tasmania


Having fun Showing off
Latte is now 7 weeks old in the photos above Latte prancing around the paddock
Latte - a day old Another pretty head shot of Latte
Latte - at 3 days old As beautiful as the rose she is named for
Latte - 3 days Latte - 2 days

Latte (pronounced just like the coffee) is the fifth foal from Cortez x Haymeron Park Ruby Jane - see her story. RJ was so considerate of us and decided to foal down at 10.30 pm on a Saturday evening. Latte's bloodlines come from the Working Western family of Morgans (Cortez) and the Lippitt family (RJ). She is classed as a Foundation Morgan as well.

This beautiful girl is the glorious colour of a Cafe Latte as well as being elegant and beautiful as the Latte Rose.

She will be an independent spirit, but so very trainable and so very giving, if she is anything like her older siblings. RJ gives all her foals an excellent grounding so that they do not ever find themselves in a situation in the herd where they could be caught in a corner and hurt. They have all been a joy to train and Latte will be no different.

The description of the Latte Rose:-

The Latte rose is a luxurious, aromatic, 'old school' rose. It is classically beautiful and never fails to make a lasting impression.

A perfect description indeed of this beautiful young filly.

..... more photos to follow as this lovely girl grows:


Last updated November 2013

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