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Wilga Park Morgans

Wilga Park Laelia

Slideshow of Laelia's first full bath and training session at the age of 16 months.

Read about Laelia below .... there are photos of this gorgeous, sweet natured, intelligent filly below.

December 2013 - Laelia is now 12 months old and has a new little sister in the paddock, Wilga Park Latte.

On this day, RJ left her sleeping filly (Latte) in the 100 acre paddock to come into the small yard for her morning feed. I kept a close eye on the little creamy coloured lump on the ground to ensure Latte, if she woke, did not become upset when she couldn't find her Mum close by.

I need not have worried. I watched as Latte came to her feet, looked around and called to her Mum. RJ totally ignored the little whinnys from Latte and continued to munch her pellets. There was no responding call to let Latte know where she was! Laelia, however, who was in the 100 acres with Latte, left her hay and began walking towards her.

Latte went to the first big, bay mare she could see as if to ask, 'Have you seen my Mum?' Elle (Mt Tawonga Natasha) told her in no uncertain terms to stop being an annoying baby and to get out of her space. Poor Latte had to move quickly from the threatening ears and then the raised hind leg. I was at the gate ready to herd Latte into the smaller yard where her Mum was, but Laelia stepped in and took charge. She went to Latte and put her nose on her wither, as if she was telling her everything was OK and that she would look after her. Latte immediately settled and Laelia continued to reassure her with intermittent light touches with her nose. I opened the gate wide so that Laelia and Latte could saunter through together. As I watched, Laelia stayed with Latte until she finally worked out where her Mum was and then, and only then, did she wander off to find some hay for herself.

I was awed, and felt privileged to have witnessed the wonderful, caring, wise actions of this lovely, yearling filly.

Earlier in Laelia's life .... A quick story on Laelia's personality, before we look at the photos ...

On the day of weaning Laelia, we were careful to keep Gracious, the big, sweet Standard bred Surrogate mare who is the kindest soul and has always looked after the foals when their Mum's were not close by, in the yard with Laelia, when we put Laelia's Mum in the paddock that runs beside the herd. The plan was that Gracious would take care of Laelia if she were to become upset with not being able to get close enough to her Mum. The only thing separating them is a netting fence so that Laelia can no longer drink from her Mum. However, this may have caused her concern.

Concern??!! RJ (Haymeron Park Ruby Jane) teaches her babies well ... Laelia, when let into the 100 acres that the herd lives in, with Gracious, took a sideways look at her Mum on the other side of the fence, turned to watch the other foals playing Boy games, looked back at her Mum as if to say, 'Sorry, Mum, but I can't stay', cocked her tail in the air and joined the Boy Games. This independent little girl can mix it with the boys as if she is one of them, but is as sweet as you could wish, in nature.

One very independent, sweet natured spirit is Laelia. We love this girl.

Laelia - 11 months Laelia - 11 months
Laelia - December 12 Laelia - December 12 - trim
a well behaved girl Snuggles are in order when it is trim time.
Grenadier, Tarragon and Laelia in front Snoozing in late afternoon
Late afternoon A pretty profile
Another pic of Laelia in December December 12
Laelia behind, Grenadier in front - January - both are definitely brown horses Laelia - still looking Bay in December 12

Laelia (pronounced Lay-lee-a) is the fourth foal, and third filly, from Cortez x Haymeron Park Ruby Jane - see her story. RJ was so considerate of us and decided to foal down at 5.00pm on a Saturday afternoon. Laelia's bloodlines come from the Working Western family of Morgans (Cortez) and the Lippitt family (RJ). She is classed as a Foundation Morgan as well.

This beautiful girl is an unusual colour and we are beginning to think she is a very dark bay. As her foal coat comes out we will see what shade she is. Her colour genetics have to be EE A- (There could be another A there as well, but we won't know until the DNA is completed).

We feel that Laelia may be one of the taller foals from RJ, as she is certainly taller than any of her siblings at this young age. She has a sweet inquisitive nature and she must hold a special place in her Mums heart as this is the first foal RJ has let drink from her when she is eating herself ... now THAT is unusual :)

We have chosen the name Laelia as it suits this pretty girl. The description of the Laelia Orchid:-

The original Laelia was one of the workhorses of the Orchid world. Not only were these plants lovely on their own, with a variety of beautiful flowers and species, they were readily crossed with other species to create some of the most beautiful orchids in the world.

Some photos of Laelia to enjoy ..... more photos to follow as this lovely girl grows:


Wilga Park Laelia - 14 days old Laelia enjoying those long legs
Laelia, as all young Morgans, has a fascination with the wheelbarrow Lovely Laelia - two weeks old (above)
Wilga Park Laelia - in her first week of life Laelia - doing what every foal does - especially on a rainy day.
Last updated December 2013

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