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Wilga Park Morgans

Wilga Park Gypsy Lass - sold to a lovely young lady. Gypsy will be in the best of hands with Megan.

Read about Gypsy Lass below - More photos and more information to come as Gypsy grows.


Photos above are of Gypsy at 3 days of age

She is beautiful every which way

What a spectacular filly! This breathtakingly beautiful black filly is one of the best produced by Cortez and Paprika.

Gypsy Lass has something special about her. She draws the eye whenever she is about.

Her personality is developing and it is amusing to see her stamping her foot and giving the evil eye to the older boys when they try to play games that she considers to be too rough. She has the style and grace that causes them to want to impress her, but the grit and self confidence to let them know when they have gone too far.

Gypsy is surprising us and it now seems that she may be the smallest of Paprika's babies. It's possible she may stay Pony Dressage size ... or go a little over. She already has a long, flowing stride just like her sire and dam. She impresses us as having the potential to be a very handy mount. She will be a no nonense, no fuss horse, and a perfect companion. She also has the potential to be an excellent mare for an astute Morgan Breeder's program.

Gypsy is a smokey black filly - colour genetics Ee aa Crn. She has one copy of the cream gene.

The description of Gypsy Lass:-

This prolific bloomer has vibrant, open blooms scented with a witch fragrance. Keep your eye on this one, as everyone, not just tramps and thieves, love it.

..... more photos to follow as the beautiful Gypsy grows:


Last updated Nov 2016

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