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Wilga Park Gisela
Gisela - 3 months  
Gisela one week Gisela one week

Gisela is a typical Cortez x Paprika baby. She is brave and very independent.

Gisela is often seen hanging out with her two older siblings or grooming one of the older mares. Paprika is happy for Gisela to find her when she is hungry.

Gisela reminds us of her older full sibling Gamble Oak. She is not so photogenic, as she doesn't see the need to get too excited about any new things that come her way. Typical of the Paprika babies.

Gisela is another of the taller foals that Paprika seems to produce.

Description of Gisela...

Gisela is a hardy, vigorous flowering plant that just gets better year after year.

Tough but delicate, it is easy to grow in good Spring light and Summer shade. Very pleasing to the eye.


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Last updated: March 2018

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