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Wilga Park Castelao

Castelao is the fifth foal from Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha (aka Elle), as Elle was out performing in the Dressage scene until she was six. Castelao is the first bay foal from this cross - the others being black or buckskin. Castelao arrived at 11.30pm, just six hours after our grand children arrived for a Christmas visit. They were lucky enough to witness the birth.

Castelao is now under saddle and heading for his new home in WA. Debra took the opportunity to have Castelao started with Terrance Rowe - an excellent horseman.

  Video of Castelao from a baby through to two years of age.


Video footage of Castelao at 3 months having his first lead training session.

Castelao has the most striking face, with it's magnificent dish and wide blaze. He has matching hind socks, and is looking like he will be a formidable mature horse. Castelao is tall and lanky at the moment, but will mature beautifully as his long legs strengthen and become more manageable :).

This boy will certainly mature over 15hh and, like his older siblings, we make a performance horse, or simply a wonderful trail horse ... he has the Morgan nature in bucketloads.


Some photos of Castelao to enjoy .....

Castelao - 14 months old Growing nicely
An awesome trot - 14 months old Showing us his sedate trot
Castelao above at 11 months Castelao's first bath
Above photos are of Castelao at 9 days of age Above: - 9 days old and a stunning young colt
Castelao - just one day old Castelao on day two



Last updated: January 2013

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