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Why I Love Morgans


I was reminded recently of why I love Morgans so very much!

Eagleview Skybeau, or Calypso as we know her, was my very first Morgan. She came into my life as an almost three year old, unstarted filly. An excellent horseman, Barry Chambers, started her for me, and within 8 weeks of purchasing her, I was riding her in just a halter over the magnificent mountains on his property in Victoria.

I was not a very accomplished rider at the time, and would have certainly been classified as a 'nervous rider', but Calypso kept me safe and filled me with confidence.

Calypso and I continued our riding adventures at home. I would take her out at least 3 mornings a week, and we would normally follow the same route each day. By the third morning, Calypso knew she had to sidle up to the gate so that I could open it, then position us so that I could close it again with ease.

I would follow a sequence of exercises to ensure Calypso was supple and maintained the movements Barry had taught her so well. What really amazed me was how Calypso remembered from the first day that we were to circle to the right around a particular bush, side-pass to the left over a log just a littler further on, then back up between some bushes after we'd crossed the creek.

Was it that she was so attuned to me that, as I thought of the exercise, she prepared to do it? Or was it that she is just so intelligent that she remembered the movements from the previous day?

Whatever it is, she has not lost that talent. This magnificent mare, just four weeks off foaling, followed me from the paddock, blowing gentle, warm breath on my elbow, to let me know she wanted to be with me. We walked all the way home, Calypso happy to wait for me to open the gates for her so we could walk together into the arena.

I put a halter on Calypso and, with the aid of my mounting block, slipped onto her back. This amazing horse had not had anyone on her back for a little over 4 years ... and you would think that simply because she is just 4 weeks off foaling she may object just a little. But no ... she walked out freely, as if she remembered the good times as well.

I had the lead rope held lightly in one hand but didn't need it at any stage to guide her or to stop her. Calypso remembered every movement we'd done together. She turned small circles and large circles, both ways ... she halted and backed up with just the gentle message from my legs and body ... she turned on her haunches and turned on her forehand ... she sidepassed both ways.

The bond we had formed all those seven years ago was still as strong as ever! It was like coming home after being away for many years.

The experience was an exhilarating reminder of why I love these Morgans as I do. This magnificent mare set out to give me that wonderful trip down memory lane ... and I guess she wanted to remind me that even though she is now providing us with little Morgans so that others can have this fantastic experience, she is still my first love ... the one who removed the tag, 'nervous rider'.

Calypso-arenaCalypso-headCalypso - before she became a Broodmare!
Last updated: November 2010

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