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Wilga Park Morgans:Training

Basic Training at Wilga Park

Our Babies are given the opportunity to grow in confidence with a step by step program that encourages the very best outcome.

You don't have to have a facebook account to see more photos

Enjoy the photos below ...

These photos are a mix of those taken at various times with our babies. All our babies leave us with the basics in trimming, leading, float loading, worming ... all those basic things one needs to do with their horse.

Golden Solidago (Red Bluff Paprika x RanchBoss Cortez) Laelia (Haymeron Park Ruby Jane x RanchBoss Cortez)

Linden - experiencing the confines of the old dairy



Golden Maya showing her style over the logs at the front of the property ...




Conquistador accepting his rug


Golden Maya discovering the arena

Wilga Park Gidgee - some rope training Golden Maya with the jump wings
Cabernet - the yearling - trimmed Float loading

To see more photos - you don't have to have a facebook account ...


Last updated: March 2013

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