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Wilga Park Morgans:Foals

Haymeron Park Ruby Jane's Foals


Wilga Park Lisianthus - buckskin Filly (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez) Born 27 November 2009, this gorgeous filly is the first cross of this sort and it is a glorious result!

Lisi is a tremendously independent filly, with the perfect Morgan temperament. She doesn't need her mother to look out for her. She is very happy to be with her best foal buddy or eat alone. She is a very serene, highly intelligent filly.

She is a super looking little girl, and we look forward to seeing her mature and fill out as the weeks go by.

Cortez and Ruby Jane (RJ) are both Foundation Morgans. Cortez is from Working Western Bloodlines and RJ is a full lippitt. This mix is Sensational.

Lisa and Tim could not resist purchasing this amazing filly when she was 10 months old. Lisa has wanted her since the day she was born.

... "Lisianthus, Lisi, goes by many names and has many soft petals that curl delicately around each other. It has become the flower that everyone loves. A beautifully delicate plant"

Lisianthus - SOLD


Wilga Park Linden - buckskin Gelding (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez) Born 05 November 2010, this stunning buckskin colt was well muscled and 'complete' even at a day old, though he was born at 317 days, which is considered a little premature for a foal.

Linden, like his older sister, Lisianthus, is highly intelligent, very quick to learn and super confident. We feel he will mature about 14'3hh, but each time we look at him, we are not so certain of that - he may grow taller.

The Linden is a wonderful shade tree with a pleasing form and lustrous dark green leaves. As a rule, shade trees don't have very interesting flowers or a scent. But, the hardy Linden is the exception to the rule. Glossy, dark green heart-shaped leaves appear in spring, followed in June by small yellow-green flowers. The flowers are humble, but the fragrance will fill the air.

This Perfect Package has Presence Plus. He is a foal who is comfortable in his own skin, knows he is extremely handsome and has a natural way of going that ensures you will not take your eyes off him. His Mum has protected him, but has also taught him to be independent. She will not allow him to eat her food - that is 'her' time and no kid is going to intrude! He has learned manners, and has a wonderful attitude to life, that only the confident, independent souls enjoy. Cortez and Ruby Jane (RJ) are both Foundation Morgans. Cortez is from Working Western Bloodlines and RJ is a full lippitt. This mix is Sensational.

Linden has found his 'forever' home with Shelby ... along with Golden Maya. We couldn't be happier with the home these two kids have found for themselves.

Visit Linden's Page click here

Video of Linden at 5 days of age click here to view video


Linden - 15 months - he likes a hug! - SOLD


Wilga Park Liana - bay Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 05 November 2011 - on Linden's first birthday.

Liana is so friendly and amenable. She has wanted to be with people from the moment she was born. Even before her Mum gave her permission she was trying to get to know humans.

Liana is going to be a lovely size, around 15hh we think, and is pretty on the inside as well as being so beautiful on the outside.

Liana is another Foundation Morgan with her Lippitt dam and western working sire both being classified as Foundation Morgans. She has excellent bloodlines as a potential breeding mare, but also has that sensible attitude that will make her a wonderful riding companion.

Description of the Liana Vines ...

'They begin life on the forest floor but depend on trees for support as they climb upwards towards the sunlight they need for survival. However, they take nothing from the tree, but support. When they reach the top of the canopy they often spread to other trees or wrap themselves around other lianas. This network of vines gives support against strong winds to the shallow-rooted, top-heavy trees - so in effect those trees become dependent on the Liana.'

View Liana's page click here



Wilga Park Liana - a few months old - SOLD


Wilga Park Laelia - brown Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 03 November 2012

Laelia is an elegant filly. She has a sweet, inquistive nature.

Laelia will be the tallest of RJ's babies, we think, and is a very neat package, indeed.

Laelia's bloodlines are Western Working and Lippitt and she is one of the elite group classified as Foundation Morgans.

The description of the Laelia is a subtle reference to this young girl's brilliant breeding.

'The original Laelia was one of the workhorses of the Orchid world. Not only were these plants lovely on their own, with a variety of beautiful flowers and species, they were readily crossed with other species to create some of the most beautiful orchids in the world.'

Colour Genetics are EE A-

View Laelia's page click here


Laelia - SOLD


Wilga Park Latte - buckskin Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 02 November 2013

Latte, named for a beautiful tea rose, is also the luxuriously rich colour of a cafe latte. She is beautiful and we estimate that she will reach a minimum of 15hh.

Latte's bloodlines are Western Working and Lippitt and she is one of the elite group classified as Foundation Morgans.

Colour genetics - EE A_ nCr

Description of the Latte Rose:

"The Latte rose is a luxurious, aromatic, 'old school' rose. It is classically beautiful and never fails to make a lasting impression."

View Latte's page click here

Latte - SOLD


Wilga Park River Gum- buckskin colt - (Sire: Ragtime Oro Blanco)

Born 26 October 2014

What a little muscle man is River Gum! He was born looking like he had been 'working out' for months. River is a perfect combination of the defined muscle of a body-builder and the lightness of step of a ballet dancer. He is as agile as a cat.

River is full of confidence in his own ability to conquer the world. He loves to gallop and prance. He is an athlete.

River is the first of this cross, so we have no comparison to make with older siblings. However, we think he will mature at around 14'3hh. We feel it is important to maintain the Ragtime Oro Blanco bloodlines in Australia and this young fellow has grown into such a nice young fellow, we believe he is suitable to remain entire.

Description of the River Gum...

The River Gum is a familiar and iconic tree seen along many watercourses right across inland Australia. The tree produces welcome shade in the extreme temperatures of central Australia, and plays an important role in stabilising river banks.

Along ephemeral creeks in arid central Australia it forms narrow corridors, providing vital refuge in the form of habitat and food resources for a whole host of animals in an otherwise hostile, arid environment.

The River Gum is an icon of arid central Australia, where the tree is sacred - standing for water, life and hope.



River at 4 months old - SOLD

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Last updated: July 2017

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