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Wilga Park Morgans:Foals

Red Bluff Paprika's Foals


Wilga Park Golden Ash - buckskin Gelding - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 2006

Ash has inherited the best attibutes from both parents. He has a really laid back attitude and the conformation suited to western disciplines. We feel he will excel at western riding and be the perfect companion on the Trail. Ash gives the impression that he has been here before and seen it all, and there is nothing in this world to be afraid of. His temperament is to die for.

This good looking buckskin was sold at 5 days of age to a family who loved him dearly. They had plans of doing some wonderful things with this fellow when he came of age. However, they have sadly came to the realisation that, right when those plans were about to come to fruition, the demands of Year 12 and University were too great to be able to spend the time with Ash.

The very brave decision was made to put Ash on the market so that he would not be wasted in a paddock doing nothing, when he could be giving a lot of joy to another owner who could give him the attention he deserves.

The most fantastic future lies in store for Ash ... he is living in Broome, WA with a wonderful Equine Specialist by the name of Sue.

The description of the Golden Ash tree ... "For all year colour and beauty, it is hard to better the Golden Ash Tree" So very fitting ...


Golden Ash, buckskin gelding - 4 yrs - SOLD



Wilga Park Golden Glory - buckskin Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 2008

Glory has the sunniest, happiest nature we have ever met. She loves life and always has her ears pricked with interest in everything around her. She loves attention, but is happy to frolic around in the paddock just to amuse herself.

This filly, like her older brother, Golden Ash, will be well suited to western disciplines and would make an awesome competitive Trail horse. Her intelligence and the sharpness of her learning ability will make her pure joy for her owner, Tammie. They already have a bond that is breathtaking to witness.

Golden Glory is the name of a tree and the description suits this little girl so well ... 'a beautiful early Spring flowering tree that brightens the last days of winter and announces the arrival of Spring.' A fitting description of this happy filly, indeed.

Golden Glory, buckskin filly - SOLD


Wilga Park Golden Solidago - buckskin Gelding - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 21 November 2009

GoldenSolidago began life in the middle of a 34 degree centigrade day. He was given lots of close attention in his first hours of life to ensure he was hydrated. We milked Paprika and fed him by bottle to ensure he received all the nutrition he needed. Within a couple of hours he was bucking around the stable yard, as frisky as could be.

This colt is a much bigger foal than both his siblings of previous years. Both those are reaching 15hh+, so it will be interesting to see just how tall this young fellow will be.

His nature, as we would expect from a Cortez X Paprika foal, is superb.

He has been named for the healing herb Golden Solidago because of his rather dramatic start in life. Solidago is the Herb of Joy and means to 'make well' or 'make whole'. Descriptions of the plant are ... "The flower is such a bright golden colour that it is a joy to have around. The herb has a profound healing, soothing, calming effect and gives a feeling of wellbeing and joy."

Golden Solidago's personality gives out vibes of being just that, so it is a fitting name for this young fellow who will make a wonderful riding partner, in any discipline his owner desiresl

Solidago has found his dream partner in Amanda and we look forward to watching this wonderful relationship developing.


GoldenSolidago, buckskin gelding - SOLD


Wilga Park Golden Maya - buckskin Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 15 November 2010

Maya will easily mature at 15hh. She is an unusual shade of Buckskin ... possibly what is known as brown sugar or burnt buckskin. Colour genetics are Ee Aa Crn so she can produce palomino & buckskin along with all the standard colours.

Golden Maya is a gentle soul with beauty to spare. She is not a demanding filly, but is happy to come up to you, with confidence, for a scratch. Maya is not an energy waster, but happily plays and prances and bucks around her Mum with elegance and finesse. Maya has found her forever home with Shelby, who also purchased Linden, Maya's paddock mate. They are enjoying life to the fullest.

Golden Maya was named for the beautiful Australian Frangipani, Mayan Gold, and the description of the flower depicts the beautiful soul of this glorious filly ...

"A very special new release. An unusual shaped pure yellow flower which emerges a very deep golden yellow, fading to pure butter yellow. Australia's biggest and deepest pure gold frangipani - a world class variety"

Visit Golden Maya's page click here


Wilga Park Golden Maya - 15 months old - SOLD


Wilga Park Gidgee Wood - Brown Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

born 03 November 2011

Gidgee will easily mature over 15hh. Gidgee's Colour genetics are Ee Aa.

The description of the timber Gidgee Wood is a subtle reference to this young girl's character.

'The sapwood is a rich deep golden yellow and makes an interesting contrast to the dark chocolate brown outer.

The timber is much sought after for turnery. Texture is very fine.

A very high density timber - high strength and crush resistance and finishes to a very high polish.'

Visit Gidgee's page click here


Gidgee Wood - a couple of months old - SOLD

Wilga Park Grenadier- bay Gelding - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 27 October 2012.

This stunning gelding has personality plus. He is brave, confident, inquisitive and loves people. With a Mum as unconcerned about her surroundings as Paprika is, Grenadier is allowed to explore to his heart's content. Grenadier will make a wonderful riding horse.

His canter is smooth and his flying changes almost imperceptible, even at this young age.

Grenadier went to his first show as a 15 month old and won his first Reserve Champion Morgan Exhibit Sash.

View Grenadier's page click here

Wilga Park Grenadier - SOLD

Wilga Park Gambel Oak - bay gelding - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 07 October 2014

Gambel Oak is a typical Cortez x Paprika baby. He is totally cool and relaxed with the world.

Gambel's personality shone through as we watched him befriend the new foals as they arrived. He is the Social Organiser and very polite with his invitations to the younger foals to join him in a grooming session or a gallop.

Gambel has the long lean muscle of an athlete - with the right owner he may achieve magnificent feats ... or simply enjoy a companionable stroll in the bush with his best friend.

Gambel certainly looks like he will mature over 15hh - rather like his older siblings who have reached over 15.2hh.

Description of Gambel Oak...

Gambel oak does not need irrigation and is adaptable to harsh growing conditions. It can be planted or maintained in natural or wildland type areas of the landscape. Gambel oak is a long lived plant with good wind resistance.

Gambel oak is a tough, durable plant with few serious pest problems.

Having Gambel oak on a building lot generally adds to the aesthetic and monetary value of the lot.

In other words - an easy keeper and adds value to your life.

View Gambel's page click here



Gambel Oak - a few weeks old SOLD


Wilga Park Gypsy Lass

RanchBoss Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika

Born 05 December 2015.

What a spectacular filly! This breathtakingly beautiful black filly is one of the best produced by Cortez and Paprika.

Gypsy Lass has something special about her. She draws the eye whenever she is about.

Her personality is developing and it is amusing to see her stamping her foot and giving the evil eye to the older boys when they try to play games that she considers to be too rough. She has the style and grace that causes them to want to impress her, but the grit and self confidence to let them know when they have gone too far.

We estimate Gypsy Lass may reach 15hh. She already has a long, flowing stride just like her sire and dam. She impresses us as having the potential to be a very handy mount. She will be a no nonense, no fuss horse, and a perfect companion. She also has the potential to be an excellent mare for an astute Morgan Breeder's program.

Description of Gypsy Lass ...

This prolific bloomer has vibrant, open blooms scented with a witch fragrance. Keep your eye on this one, as everyone, not just tramps and thieves, love it.

View Gypsy's page click here

Gypsy - 3 days old - SOLD


Wilga Park Genciana

Western Working x Government/Lippitt - bay filly

RanchBoss Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika

DOB 28 Nov 2016.

Genciana is a typical Cortez x Paprika baby. She is as brave as they come and believes people were put on this earth to please her.

Genci loves attention and, even at the early age of 5 weeks would let the herd and her Mum wander off without her, just so that she could stay for that extra scratch.

She is so very trainable. She understands instantly what is required. That, we believe, is because of her very low 'flight' instinct, which means she is not afraid or nervous about new things. She has a very sensible mind.

Genci certainly looks like she will mature over 15hh - rather like her older siblings. She also may turn into a brown horse when all that foal fluff is shed. She is quite black under that bay covering. She is bay with black/brown patches as she rubs that foal coat out on hot days.

Description of Genciana...

The Genciana is very versatile. It is fully hardy and can grow in full sun or partial shade.

The root of the Gencian plant is used in tonics, liquers and herbal teas, and for many medicinal purposes.

Many species of the Gencian plant can bear flowers of differing colours.

We believe our Genciana will be just as versatile in her own way when she matures.

View Genciana's page click here

Genci loves people - SOLD

Wilga Park Gisela

Western Working x Government/Lippitt - brown filly

RanchBoss Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika

DOB 10 Nov 2017.

Gisela is a typical Cortez x Paprika baby. She is brave and very independent.

Gisela is often seen hanging out with her two older siblings or grooming one of the older mares. Paprika is happy for Gisela to find her when she is hungry.

Gisela reminds us of her older full sibling Gamble Oak. She is not so photogenic, as she doesn't see the need to get too excited about any new things that come her way. Typical of the Paprika babies.

Gisela is another of the taller foals that Paprika seems to produce.

Description of Gisela...

Gisela is a hardy, vigorous flowering plant that just gets better year after year.

Tough but delicate, it is easy to grow in good Spring light and Summer shade. Very pleasing to the eye.

View Gisela's page click here

Gisela - another tall Paprika baby - SOLD

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Last updated: October 2018

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