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Wilga Park Babies with their Owners

We thought it would be nice to have photos of our Wilga Park Babies with their new Owners. We can then continue to update this page as we receive brag photos from them.

We are so very proud of our babies and love the Owners they have chosen for themselves.

Read some Notes and Quotes

Wilga Park Conquistador - born 2010 - first ride at age 3

Conquistador and Rachel have formed a very close bond.

Conquistador is the foundation stallion for Rachel's Hodgson Park Morgans in Western Australia.

Conquistador is so much like his sire, Cortez, that Rachel has decided that she will carry out the Starting process with him, herself. The photo is of Rachel's first time on Conquistador.

Rachel tells us that her trust in this young colt is such that she is brave enough to climb on board in a round yard that is not yet complete, so only has tape around the posts, with mares in the paddock close by.

Conquistador is everything we dreamed he would be ... a sweet natured, obliging horse that respects and appreciated his human.

We are tremendously happy with this partnership, as Conquistador will carry on Cortez's legacy for many years to come.

Wilga Park Gidgee Wood - born 2011


Jorjah and her Mum, Marissa, and Nanna, Fran, came to visit, 'just to look' at these Morgans that Marissa so loved. In typical style, they won the hearts of these ladies and before too long, they had decided that they would just have to two.

They just couldn't settle for one.

Gidgee is one of those 'helpful' Morgans, who has her nose in everything that is going on. She and Jorjah are really enjoying their time together.

Wilga Park Tillandsia - born 2010


Jorjah's family also owns Tillandsia. The two fillies travelled to New South Wales together and have settled in to their life with Jorjah very easily. Tillie, being that year older than Gidgee, will be Jorjah's riding horse in a very short time indeed. At the end of 2013, we expect to be seeing some wonderful photos of these two together.

Wilga Park Tamarack - born 2011


Laura Collier had wanted a morgan for 12 years, but as they were a bit hard to find, she bought herself a quarter horse, named Holly. Good fortune smiled on all of the day Laura picked up a magazine with an article in it about Wilga Park Morgans. Laura contacted us immediately.

Laura was on the lookout for that Morgan at the same time we found our mare, Eagleview Skybeau. Things have changed dramatically since then, and Morgans were now just a little over an hours drive from Laura.

Laura became a regular visitor and quickly decided that Tamarack was the Morgan for her.

Tamarack (aka Mr T) is giving Laura much pleasure. She is enjoying his early training and is always so chuffed that Tamarack displays all the qualities she admires in the Breed.

Laura has realised her dream, and Holly the quarterhorse is being a doting Aunt with Tamarack.

We really enjoy Laura's regular updates on Mr T's progress.

Wilga Park Golden Maya & Wilga Park Linden - born 2010

Shelby Williams has realised her dream of owning a horse. Not just one, but two! As soon as we met Shelby we knew that she would make a wonderful home for any of our babies if she chose to have one. She completely surprised us and asked if she could have two. Maya and Linden are living in horse heaven just outside Samford, Qld. Shelby is getting to know the yearlings and spending many hours under the shade of the huge, shady trees in their paddock with them.

From Shelby soon after the kids arrived at her place - "Linden is now the leader of my small herd. He and I are developing a mutual respect and understanding which is being strengthened daily. The deal is when he is off lead he is his own man. I don't touch him and he is happy to hang out with me. None of this touchy-feely stuff! However, when he is on lead he is mine. I touch his mane, say whoo, he complies and stands still while the halter goes on and I give him much soft verbal praise. I feel we're forming a bond, and it's very satisfying.

Maya, on the other hand, is such a sweetie and such a beauty. I could stare into her gorgeous face forever. It is Maya who makes the first moves, who braved the bitumen to meet me at the gate this morning, who first came down to check me out on my blanket (and tried to make off with my tote) and who first had her head in the car for a sticky. Maya who trots up to meet me with her soft gentle eyes. I refuse to have a favourite as each horse is an individual and each will have exactly the same care, attention and love, but I have to say Maya is my girl. She is gentle yet brave, calm yet curious and today's but her first birthday. Happy birthday darling girl."


These Wilga Park babies are in for a super life with Shelby.

Wilga Park GoldenSolidago - as a three year old - born 2009

Wilga Park GoldenSolidago, the third of the golden Cortez X Paprika babies, has not moved far from home. He is living with Amanda McGill, near Warwick. Amanda and Solidago have a wonderful relationship.

Amanda spent a number of weekends just coming over and playing with Solidago to get to know him. In the end he would leave the herd to come to her as soon as she entered the paddock.

Amanda and Solidago have been to Warwick show where he was Champion Gelding and also to the ANMS 2011. This pair are so well matched, they are going to have a ton of fun together no matter what they try.

Here is GoldenSolidago under saddle ... started by Amanda, who has never done this before ... in a Working Equitation Clinic as a three year old.

Wilga Park Jacobinia -age 3 - born 2009 with Lea-anne

Wilga Park Jacobinia, (aka JJ), is living on the Gold Coast with his new owners, Craig and Lea-anne. As it has turned out, JJ lives not all that far from his older brother, PJ.

Lea-anne and Craig and JJ have a fantastic relationship. He calls to them every time he sees movement and enjoys the scratches and cuddles he gets from all their visitors.

Lea-anne and JJ have a huge future in front of them. They are the most eye-catching couple when they venture into the show ring together!

Jacobinia is a very seasoned Show Horse and is bringing home the ribbons for Lea and Craig, and he is a great trail horse as well.

Wilga Park Lisianthus - 3 year old - born 2009

Wilga Park Lisianthus lives with Lisa and Tim Wong and Wilga Park Madagascar. She is a filly who is highly intelligent and who has an opinion about things. Lisi is lucky to have Lisa as her owner, as someone who didn't understand this beautiful, willing but self confident girl, could possibly ruin that beautiful, independent spirit she has.

Lisi is enjoying life at Eatons Hill Stud and Lisa is already making her a demonstration Morgan, along with Maddy. Lisa puts Lisi and Maddy through a regular sized hoola hoop, twirling it along their barrel from wither to hip and then off their rump. She wraps them up in tarpaulins - and they love the fun!

The photo is of Lisi, as an almost four year old, with Daniel Wong on board. Lisi is taking to ridden work like her Mum, Haymeron Park Ruby Jane ... without a blink!


Wilga Park Tibouchina - born 2009

Wilga Park Tibouchina was purchased at 7 months of age, sight unseen! Michelle Moller of WA purchased Tibs from photos and a DVD. Tibs hasn't looked back since!

Michelle has taken Tibs to two shows where she has won the Supreme Champion sash! She has been a superb Morgan for a brand new Morgan owner!

Tibs has been so tractable that Michelle, after doing the initial ground work, decided that she would be quite capable of starting Tibs herself ... something Michelle has never done before.

Tibouchina was perfect ... and Michelle and she have taken every step in the starting process like Ducks to Water.

They have been to their first Dressage competition and achieved a respectable 5th place.

Tibouchina and Michelle won the coveted award of Grand Champion Ridden Morgan at the 2015 Australian National Morgan Show. They were a superb example of our Wilga Park breeding and we are so proud of them.

Wilga Park Chancellor - age almost 4- born 2009

Wilga Park Chancellor, purchased by Nila Latimer when he was just hours old, is going to be a gorgeous Dressage horse in the Sydney circuit when he is old enough to be started. Nila is instructed by Andrew McLean, and Chancellor will be the beneficiary of those training methods.

Nila took Chancellor out to the Toowomba Royal and the Australian National Morgan Show in 2011.

Chancellor was Champion Gelding out of a field of 11 geldings ranging in age from yearling to 14 yrs!!

Chancellor was lightly started at 2.5 years and then left until he was three to begin his dressage education. He is shaping up to be a very trainable, athletic boy.

Here is a photo of Nila and Chancellor - practicing for a Western Dressage display - which is not their usual past time.

Wilga Park Golden Glory - born 2008

Wilga Park Golden Glory, another of the golden cross of Cortez and Red Bluff Paprika, is owned by Tammie Pike of Toowoomba. Tammie and Glory have an amazing relationship and Glory will do anything for Tam.

Glory's first show as an 18 month old filly was the Toowomba Royal and then she represented the Morgan Breed at the EKKA in 2010.

Tam plans to do great things with her leading up to her being started at the end of 2011. She has shown Glory at the Toowoomba Royal in 2011 and Glory was Reserve Champion Morgan Mare. Then at the Australian National Morgan Show in April 2011, Glory received her fair share of Blue ribbons as well.

This pair are awesome!!

Wilga Park Jalapeno - born Nov 2008 (photo by Christine Maroni)

Wilga Park Jalapeno (aka PJ) is enjoying his life at the Gold Coast with his owner, Alanna. He has play time and work time (which is also 'playing') and his communication with Alanna is awesome.

Alanna says he knows the difference between when they are just playing together and when they are playing at their work together, and applies himself differently in each situation.

Alanna is connected to PJ in a way that only those with very special relationships with their horses could understand.

Alanna and PJ made their Showing Debut at the ANMS 2011 & looked like they had been doing it for years.

Wilga Park Chambourcin - born January 2008

Wilga Park Chambourcin (aka Champy) was purchased as a weanling to be a foundation mare for Gillian Wooldridge's Shibui Stud in Victoria. Gill is breeding beautiful Morgans with excellent temperaments.

Champy has just been started and is flying the Morgan flag by accepting everything thrown at her and doing it all with ease. She has been out to her first Adult Riding Club event and was a little gem.

Chambourcin has competed at her first ever Dressage competition and averaged 59% at Preliminary level. We are so proud of Gill and Champy.

Wilga Park Serjania (aka Jack) - born Nov 2007

Wilga Park Serjania (aka Jack) has been started and giving his owner, Jan Tucker, huge amounts of joy. Jack sidles up to the fence so that Jan can clamber aboard from the fence rail. Jack learned the trick whilst with his trainer, and now Jan simply climbs up the fence and Jack sidles over and stands like a rock for her to mount.

Jack has been out to his first Adult Riding Event in Victoria as well. This boy is a gentle, willing horse and will give Jan many years of pleasure.

Jack is now 5yrs old and 15'3hh.

Riley, Jan's daughter, is the proud owner of Jack's younger brother, Wilga Park Santa Cruz.

Jack and Cruz are genetically the same colour, so they will make a magnificent pair when out together.

Wilga Park Madagascar - born January 2007

Wilga Park Madagascar, (aka Maddy), is the perfect performance horse and is showing great ability. Lisa and Tim Wong of Eatons Hill Stud, near Brisbane, own Madagascar and he has had many adventures in his year of ridden work.

Maddy has been to Noosa North Shore Beach for trail rides, he has been in the Morgan Breed Display, travelled to Jindabyne to the Australian National Morgan Show, represented the Morgan breed at the EKKA(Brisbane Royal Show) and had many a trail ride in between.

Wilga Park Golden Ash - born 2006

Wilga Park Golden Ash is the first of our Cortez X Red Bluff Paprika babies. This cross is magical!

Golden Ash (aka Flynn) lives in Broome, WA, just a few kilometres from where Summer Beauty, his paddock mate from his foal days, lived.

Ash and Suzanne Bendotti have a partnership that is growing by the day. They enjoy their beach and bush rides around Broome.

This partnership is one in a lifetime for these two. Flynn can 'talk' to Suz with the flick of an ear and the glance of his eye. They are so atuned to each other. This is one special relationship.

Wilga Park Summer Beauty - born 2006

Wilga Park Summer Beauty (aka Chance) is giving her owner, Tammy-Lee Penney, of Broome WA, the perfect Morgan experience. Tam likes a light, responsive horse and Chance is exactly that. She is just like her mother, Eagleview Skybeau - highly intelligent and quick to learn. Mix that blood with RanchBoss Cortez, her sire, and she is honed to perfection in ability, talent and intelligence.

Chance and Tam enjoy lots of bush rides and beach rides and also do some training in the arena where Chance shows just how agile and balanced she is.

Post script ... This beautiful young mare died from colic at the tender age of 5. She is sadly missed by many.

Wilga Park Tippuhana - born 2005

Wilga Park Tippuhana arrived at Wilga Park in utero. Her Dam Mt Tawonga Marrella was pregnant with this lovely filly by Mt Tawonga Tarraji when we purchased her.

Tippuhana has been started, has had a season or two at the show scene and won her Champion Morgan Mare sashes. She has also given us a beautiful filly foal by Cortez, prior to travelling to Western Australia to her new owner, Rachel Whan

Tip delivered her second filly foal in December 2010 and Rachel is extremely pleased with her.

Post script ... Tip delivered another gorgeous buckskin colt for Rachel before passing away at a young age in 2013 from a stomach abscess. Tip leaves behind three beautiful Cortez babies. She was a wonderful mare and we all miss her greatly.

Wilga Park Malaynee - born 2005

Jane Warren of Manyana Morgans with Wilga Park Malaynee. Malaynee was our very first foal, sired by Karenza Malanion. Jane fell in love with her Dam, Eagleview Skybeau (aka Calypso), when we first purchased her, and so put her order in for her first foal.

Malaynee has been started using Parelli methods and enjoys doing new and interesting things. She and Jane have a relationship that many only dream of having. Malaynee has her Champion Morgan Mare Sashes tucked away in Jane's wardrobe and is now going to try motherhood.

We are fortunate to have Malaynee in our Brood mare paddock for a year. Jane and Kim have very generously leased her to us for a 2011 Cortez baby. Her foal will be a very special one for us, as her Dam, Calypso was our very first Morgan.



Last updated: November 2013

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