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Wilga Park Morgans:Foals

Mt Tawonga Marrella's Foals


Wilga Park Tippuhana - bay Filly - (Sire: Mt Tawonga Tarraji)

Born December 2005

Tippuhana, three years old in this photo, has inherited her Sire and Dam's amazing trot. It is ground covering with that moment of suspension.

This filly will mature around 15'1hh. She is beginning to show us what the finished product will be, and, we are very proud to say, she is going to be superb! Pictured here with Mt Tawonga Nepean. Nepean is a solid 15'1hh horse.

Tip has been started and going well. Her canter is super. She would also make an awesome carriage horse.

Tippuhana is named from the Tipuana Tipu tree ... "tall and slender, very hardy and particularly beautiful when in flower with small brightly coloured yellow flowers."

We had planned to keep this filly for our future breeding program but with limited space (back then), we reluctantly decided to sell her. We feel very priviledged that my very first riding Insructor, Rachel, a discerning horsewoman, has purchased Tip for her very own Morgan breeding program. Tipphuana is now in WA producing lovely foals for Rachel.

Sadly, this beautiful young mare was lost to a stomach abscess at the tender age of 8, but she left behind three lovely foals.


Tippuhana, just started as a 3 year old SOLD


Wilga Park Madagascar - buckskin Gelding - (Sire: Ragtime Oro Blanco)

Born January 2007

Madagascar, buckskin gelding, is the first Australian born foal from the perlino Morgan stallion, Ragtime Oro Blanco (Casper), and will finish around 15'2hh. He brings size, a super gentle nature and a fearless attitude along with his gorgeous colour. This foal can be wormed, trimmed and vaccinated without a halter.

Madagascar's description is ... "Madagascar, The Golden Cane Palm, is one of the most attractive and versatile palms. It is easy-care with great potential ..."

Madagascar was sold at 12 months of age to a lovely couple, Lisa and Tim Wong of Eaton's Hill Morgans, who have given him a wonderful life of Trail Riding, some Showing and some Dressage, as well.


Maddy (and owner Lisa) - 3 years old SOLD


Wilga Park Tibouchina - buckskin Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 12 November 2009

This gorgeous buckskin filly is the first cross of this sort and it is a Winner! She just loves to perform to an audience - and even without one! Tibouchina will mature quite a tall horse - over 15hh we believe. She is the leggiest foal we have produced and by the look of her hind end at 3 days of age, she has heaps of growing to do.

Tibouchina is also known as 'Princess Flower' and it suits her perfectly... "Tibouchina is a fabulous plant and if you have one, you'll be thrilled to bits wih the results"

We know this is exactly the feeling her new owner, Michelle, would be experiencing with this wonderfully put together filly.

Tibouchina has proved to have the sweetest nature possible. Even though her Mum, Marrella, wanted to keep her away from us for the first little while, Tibs decided that we were pretty OK and wanted to be with us to enjoy those cuddles Chancellor was getting. She is now the first to wander over for a smooch.

Michelle and Tibs will enjoy a great partnership in life in Gidgegannup, WA.

Tibouchina - just days old - SOLD

Grand Champion Ridden Morgan ANMS WA 2015


Wilga Park Tillandsia - bay Filly (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 17 November 2010

This stylish bay filly is going to be a mare of substance with flair. She has a determination to conquer her smallest fear or the biggest hill.

Tillandsia will mature over 15hh we believe, but not as tall as her older sister, Tibouchina.

"Tillandsia's are today's "in" plants and are easy to grow. They give an exotic appearance to any home they adorn." That is pretty much our Tillandsia... she has such style and elegance about her!

View Tillandsia's page click here

Tillandsia - two weeks old - SOLD


Wilga Park Tamarack - bay Gelding (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 24 Dec 2011

Tamarack is one of those 'Look At Me' babies. He has such a presence, and is so inquistive, but with a nice mix of tentativeness, so that he is not too 'in your face'. He is one that you just can't draw youre eyes away from

Tamarack will be a minimum of 15'1hh at maturity, we believe. He has a lovely swing in his stride and will suit almost any discipline. Tamarack was born on Christmas Eve. Greg found the perfect name for him when he began to search for Christmas names.

Description of the Tamarack Tree ...

Though the Tamarack Tree resembles other evergreens, it is quite unique, as it is a deciduous conifer. It has a dark reddish-brown bark and very often you will see the Tamarack tree growing in pure stands. Just before the needles drop in Autumn, they turn a beautiful golden colour, affording the stands of Tamarack a striking contrast to the Autumn foliage.

The inner bark of the Tamarack is used for many medicinal purposes.

The Tamarack tree is the perfectly shaped Australian Christmas tree.

View Tamarack's page click here


Tamarack - just weeks old - SOLD


Wilga Park Tarragon - bay Gelding (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 28 November 2012

Tarragon is one of those stylish, eye-catching babies. He has huge presence, and likes to walk straight up for a scratch. His personality is delightful.

Of all of Marrella's babies, Tarragon seems to be the most 'unflappable' - barely a reaction when the biscuit of hay flies through the air to 'plop' on the ground beside him, and everything new requires Tarragon to march up and investigate it.

Tarragon looks like he has the potential to be an excellent performance horse, with that lovely laid back attitude that every Trail Rider requires.

Tarragon has one hind white sock and a few white hairs on his forehead. He is going to be as stunning as his older siblings, if not more so.

We really like this boy's brave, inquisitive personality. He looks like he will be a well balanced power house of strength and stability - both in mind and body.

Description of the Tarragon herb ...

'This aromatic perennial is grown for its distinctively flavoured leaves and it lends its unique flavour profile to many culinary delights.  It also has many beneficial medicinal purposes.

It is interesting to note that during the medieval period, devotees undertaking pilgrimages to distant lands would often pack their shoes with stems of tarragon with the belief that the herb would provide them with additional energy and strength'

View Tarragon's page click here



Tarragon at a few days old - SOLD

Champion Morgan Gelding - 2015 Qld State Morgan Show


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Last updated: Nov 2015

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