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Wilga Park Morgans:

Wilga Park Malaynee's Foals

Wilga Park Bullrush- buckskin Gelding (Sire RanchBoss Cortez) is more than we could have hoped for. He is full of personality, enthusiastic about life and totally into humans!

Born on 23 October 2011, he has embraced life to the fullest. He takes his Mum for a gallop every morning just to experience the wonder of the new day. Bullrush has found his perfect partner in Cassandra.

View Bullrush's page click here

Wilga Park Bullrush - 4.5 months old with his new owner, Cassandra, at the Australian National Morgan Show in Toowoomba 2012 - SOLD


Wilga Park Boquila-buckskin Filly (Sire RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 18 October 2013.

Boquila (pronounced Boqueela) came into this world with an attitude that she was in charge of her life and not even her mother was going to tell her what to do. She is the most delightful package! She has her independent spirit but is so very obliging when it comes to training. She is unperturbed about most things.

Boquila makes us smile every time we watch her.

Boquila is the grandaughter of our very first mare, Eagleview Skybeau, and has such a wonderful personality, it is hard to part with her. However, she will achieve many great things in the hands of someone else, and that is our dream for this little girl ... to achieve! She deserves a great life and we think she would excel as a Reiner, Cutter or Camp-drafter - she is so very agile and athletic.

Her grand dam, Eagleview Skybeau and her Dam, Wilga Park Malaynee, both have huge amounts of cow sense, whilst her sire, Cortez, is of good old Ranch, western working bloodlines.

This filly is a force to be reckoned with - she will steal your heart with her sweet nature and then show you what Achievement is all about.

Description of the Boquila vine...

This fine climber is from Chile with reddish twining stems and graceful, trifoliate leaves. The clusters of small, cup-shaped flowers are followed by berries, about the size of a large pea, which are sweet and highly sort after and enjoyed by Chileans.

View Boquila's page click here

Boquila - 2 months old

3 years old - SOLD



Wilga Park Arizona Sunset-buckskin colt (Sire Wilga Park Conquistador)

Born 17 October 2015.

Arizona Sunset ... a glorious name for a glorious boy. Arizona is everything we wished for with the joining of two Wilga Park bred horses, Wilga Park Conquistador (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha) and Wilga Park Malaynee (Karenza Malanion x Eagleview Skybeau). We could not wish for better!

Arizona is simply superb to look at; he has personality and boldness that makes him a very attractive young foal. He invites us to engage with him. He is quick to learn and initiates the play with the other foals.

Arizona has a mind that enquires and accepts with ease.

We expect Arizona to reach a minimum of 15hh. The height is obviously coming from Conquistador (16hh) as Malaynee is only 14'1hh. He is going to be one awesome riding horse.

The description of Arizona Sunset:-

This is a healthy, strong plant that produces beautiful flowers with vivid light and dark shades of orange in each petal. It is easy to grow and makes a great landscape or large container display cactus with amazing blooms.

View Arizona's page click here

Arizona - a week old - SOLD


Wilga Park Bush Flame

RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Malaynee

Western Working x Lippitt/Government - buckskin filly

DOB 09 Nov 2016.

Bush Flame is a beautiful specimen of the cross of Cortez over a Calypso (Eagleview Skybeau) daughter.

Bush Flame, along with her two older full siblings, is quite special.

Bush Flame has attributes from both sides of her family tree. She has the sensitivity as well as the sensibility of her ancestors.

Bush Flame is as beautiful as the flower she is named for.

'Flame' will not grow more than 14.3hh, we think - and may only reach that with luck. Though a few have surprised us and continued to grow, she could very well stop at 14.2hh. We certainly don't believe she will be over 15hh.

This girl is intelligent and responsive - and loves people, as all Morgans do.

Description of Bush Flame ...

The amazing fluorescent colours of pink and orange are undoubtedly this plants major attraction.

The Bush Flame is fast growing and has lush green foliage and spectacular flowers.

Bush Flame prefers a shaded position but will still grow in full sun.

Bush Flame will light up your garden as a feature plant or will make a stunning pot plant.

Bush Flame is a richly rewarding plant.

View Bush Flame's page click here


Bush Flame is the third Cortez x Malaynee buckskin - SOLD

Wilga Park Brigalow

RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Malaynee

Western Working x Lippitt/Government - bay gelding

DOB 05 Feb 2018.

Brigalow is the cross of Cortez over a Calypso (Eagleview Skybeau) daughter, and he is more like a son of Calypso than Malaynee.

Brigalow is one of those foals that immediately catches your eye. As well as being a handsome boy, his personality shines through. He is a little cheeky, very brave and loves people. The Mr Personality of the herd.

'Briggsey' looks like he will certainly be taller than his Dam, though he may stop at 14.3hh like his grand-dam, Calypso.

Description of Brigalow ...

The Brigalow is a medium size tree found in various parts of Australia.

The timber of the Brigalow has many uses; from hardy fence posts to fine musical instruments. It is heavy duty as well as very decorative.

Brigalow is enduring, with a long life expectancy.

View Brigalow's page click here

Brigalow is a very dark bay at 2 months - SOLD

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Last updated: October 2018

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