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Pure Morgans - Photos and Details below -

Wilga Park (WP) is proud to present some outstanding examples of our breeding program:

Temperament - Type - Trainability ... Performance - Pleasure - Partnership ... Sensitivity and Sensibility ... Fulfill YOUR Dream!

These are top quality foals that are provided the very best of care, and we are tremendously pleased to have bred.

If you are looking for a horse with an impeccable pedigree, that will be perfectly sized at around 15hh, has a sweet, willing nature, is highly intelligent and loves to be around people, then read on!

To read some Notes and Quotes from Wilga Park Morgans Owners CLICK HERE

We invite you to visit each individual foals page to see more photos. Please visit our Foals Page to see links to more photos of our foals. To see video footage of our babies please visit our Videos page.

Morgans are the perfect equine partner for life.

Our babies all have basic training prior to leaving Wilga Park.

Check out this page for random photos of our training program. Training Wilga Park Babies

To see more fun photos of our babies - you don't have to have a facebook account ...

Wilga Park Brigalow

RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Malaynee

Western Working x Lippitt/Government - bay gelding

DOB 05 Feb 2018.

Brigalow is the cross of Cortez over a Calypso (Eagleview Skybeau) daughter, and he is more like a son of Calypso than Malaynee.

Brigalow is one of those foals that immediately catches your eye. As well as being a handsome boy, his personality shines through. He is a little cheeky, very brave and loves people. The Mr Personality of the herd.

'Briggsey' looks like he will certainly be taller than his Dam, though he may stop at 14.3hh like his grand-dam, Calypso.

Description of Brigalow ...

The Brigalow is a medium size tree found in various parts of Australia.

The timber of the Brigalow has many uses; from hardy fence posts to fine musical instruments. It is heavy duty as well as very decorative.

Brigalow is enduring, with a long life expectancy.

Price - $6,600 including GST

View Brigalow's page click here


Briggsey at just a week old.


Wilga Park Gisela

Western Working x Government/Lippitt - brown filly

(RanchBoss Cortez X Red Bluff Paprika)

DOB 10 Nov 2017.

Gisela is a typical Cortez x Paprika baby. She is brave and very independent.

Gisela is often seen hanging out with her two older siblings or grooming one of the older mares. Paprika is happy for Gisela to find her when she is hungry.

Gisela reminds us of her older full sibling Gamble Oak. She is not so photogenic, as she doesn't see the need to get too excited about any new things that come her way. Typical of the Paprika babies.

Gisela is another of the taller foals that Paprika seems to produce.

Description of Gisela...

Gisela is a hardy, vigorous flowering plant that just gets better year after year.

Tough but delicate, it is easy to grow in good Spring light and Summer shade. Very pleasing to the eye.

Price - $13,200 including GST

View Gisela's page click here

Gisela one week, and then at 3 months



Wilga Park Bush Flame

RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Malaynee

Western Working x Lippitt/Government - buckskin filly

DOB 09 Nov 2016.

Bush Flame is a beautiful specimen of the cross of Cortez over a Calypso (Eagleview Skybeau) daughter.

Bush Flame, along with her two older full siblings, is quite special.

Bush Flame has attributes from both sides of her family tree. She has the sensitivity as well as the sensibility of her ancestors. She is so quick to learn - and we love her spark.

Bush Flame is as beautiful as the flower she is named for.

'Bushie' will not grow more than 14.3hh, we think - and may only reach that with luck. Though a few have surprised us and continued to grow, she could very well stop at 14.2hh. We certainly don't believe she will be over 15hh.

This girl is intelligent and responsive - and loves people, as all Morgans do.

Description of Bush Flame ...

The amazing fluorescent colours of pink and orange are undoubtedly this plants major attraction.

The Bush Flame is fast growing and has lush green foliage and spectacular flowers.

Bush Flame prefers a shaded position but will still grow in full sun.

Bush Flame will light up your garden as a feature plant or will make a stunning pot plant.

Bush Flame is a richly rewarding plant.

Price - $13,200 including GST

View Bush Flame's page click here


12 months old

Bush Flame is the third RanchBoss x Wilga Park Malaynee buckskin


Wilga Park Genciana

Western Working x Government/Lippitt - brown filly

(RanchBoss Cortez X Red Bluff Paprika)

DOB 28 Nov 2016.

Genciana is a typical Cortez x Paprika baby. She is as brave as they come and believes people were put on this earth to please her.

Genci loves attention and, even at the early age of 5 weeks would let the herd and her Mum wander off without her, just so that she could stay for that extra scratch.

She is so very trainable. She understands instantly what is required. That, we believe, is because of her very low 'flight' instinct, which means she is not afraid or nervous about new things. She has a very sensible mind.

Genci certainly looks like she will mature over 15hh - rather like her older siblings. She also may turn into a brown horse when all that foal fluff is shed. She is quite black under that bay covering. She is bay with black/brown patches as she rubs that foal coat out on hot days.

Genci is a delight to have in the paddock.

Description of Genciana...

The Genciana is very versatile. It is fully hardy and can grow in full sun or partial shade.

The root of the Gencian plant is used in tonics, liquers and herbal teas, and for many medicinal purposes.

Many species of the Gencian plant can bear flowers of differing colours.

We believe our Genciana will be just as versatile in her own way when she matures.

Price - $13,200 including GST

View Genciana's page click here

12 months old


4 months old


Genci loves people


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Last updated:March 2018

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