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Wilga Park Morgans:Foals

Mt Tawonga Natasha's Foals

Wilga Park Chambourcin - black Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 22 January 2008

This filly is exquisite. She is very correct, very pretty and has personality plus - just what we had hoped for.

Chambourcin is named after a grape vine that provides wine that has been described as 'zestful in flavour, deeply coloured, strong on it's own and versatile.' A fitting description indeed.

Chambourcin is so athletic and so bright and alive with enthusiasm for life, with her beauty, you can’t take your eyes off her.

Her colour genetics have been completed, and Chambourcin is Ee aa nn ... hetrozygous black with no cream gene.

This beautiful filly has been snapped up by a very discerning lady in Victoria, to be one of her Foundation Mares of her newly formed Stud, Shibui Morgan Stud.


Wilga Park Chambourcin at 7 weeks of age - SOLD


Wilga Park Chancellor - buckskin Gelding - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born on 14 November 2009

This buckskin boy is superb. He is an old soul, who has been here before, seen it all, and nothing is new or scarey. He is as serene as they come. He is also very correct in his conformation and has a head that will have people turning to stare, he is so gorgeous.

Chancellor is named after a grape that provides wine that has been described as 'of spicy/earthy character, with a smooth finish; rich bodied, with a gentle flavour.' The grape is described as " A Leader with an unassuming voice" ... A fitting description indeed for this beautifully natured foal.

Chancellor is one in a million.

This stunning gelding has been snapped up by a very talented lady in New South Wales, who has waited patiently for this particular cross as her riding horse.

Nila and Chancellor will do superb things in the Dressage arena, together.

Wilga Park Chancellor - SOLD

Wilga Park Conquistador - buckskin colt - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born on 04 December 2010

Conquistador is going to be tall and he has the most gentle nature. He loves people, and is the first to walk up for a scratch. Conquistador is a delight and unfazed by anything. His Mum often leaves him lying asleep in the grass. When he wakes up and is looking for her, he simply wanders along calling for her (she ignores him!!). There is no panic in him at all ... he is full of trust in his surroundings.

Conquistador is also named after a grape that has been described as - 'The Conquistador grape is a multi purpose, disease resistant grape that makes a beautiful, red wine that is quite unique. The grape has quite a 'foxy' flavour.

'Conquistador', also being spanish for Conqueror, certainly suits him. His gentle spirit has conquered many hearts and will continue to do so, over time.

This stunning boy is a joy to have in our paddock and his build leads us to believe he will be a performance horse to contend with, if that is the choice made for him.

Conquistador was to be retained by us as a Junior stallion to follow in his Sire's footsteps, but when Rachel approached us to let him be her foundation stallion for Hodgson Park Morgans & Equestrian in Western Australia, we knew, in our hearts, that Conquistador's future lay with her.

Conquistador will be Rachel's riding horse and her breeding stallion.

View Conquistador's Page Click here

Wilga Park Conquistador - 3 years- with Rachel up for the first time- SOLD


Wilga Park Cabernet - black Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 25 December 2012

I had a dream to keep Cabernet for the grandchildren, but good sense finally prevailed. Our older gelding Nepean is the perfect horse for that pupose, so we decided we would part with Cabernet.

This filly will mature around 14'3hh. Cabernet's colour genetics are Ee aa. Cabernet has been started and is awesome under saddle. She has already been out - her first show being the Toowoomba Royal, where she was awarded Champion Morgan mare. She followed that up a week later with another Champion sash.

Description of Cabernet Sauvignon grape ...

'Cabernet makes her name world renowned due to her strong "Type A" personality. Strong, upfront and in your face. She makes herself easily recognized by her intensity.

This late ripening grape gives us much character in the end product. With most Cabernet Sauvignon wine, it can age 10-15+ years.

The truth of the matter is that this tiny lime-lighted grape is nothing but large in its emotional output. It is, in fact, the key element and structural backbone to the famed Left Bank Bordeaux red wines from France.

Cabernet Sauvignon can put on the tough guy attitude but can still be coaxed into being a smooth operator, especially when it gets help from some of its friends.

There are definite choices to be made in order to show best Cabernet Sauvignon's most magnificent magic. Cabernet Sauvignon is a serious wine for the serious wine drinker.

Praise to the Queen of all Grapes and her style!'

This description suits this girl so well.

View Cabernet's page click here

Cabernet 3 years old

Cabernet - Three times Champion Morgan Mare at age 3 - SOLD


Wilga Park Castelao - bay colt - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

DOB 13 December 2012.

Castelao is a stunning big, bay boy with lots of 'Bling' with his big blaze and two hind socks. He has the most magnificent dish in his face which makes him very 'pretty'. He was born at 11.30pm and was on his feet by midnight, ready to take on the world.

As he unfolds, Castelao is becoming a very attractive boy and certainly looks as if he will mature over 15hh. His personality is beginning to shine through.

Description of the Castelao grape...

"The Castelao grape is a grower's dream in that it loves poor, sandy soils and hot temperatures but is adaptable enough to be grown in a variety of different areas.  The grape thrives, sucking in the warm temperatures to produce concentrated and pungent red wines.

Consisting of small bunches of little dark skinned berries, this variety typically produces smooth and well-balanced wines with good aging potential – the best examples sometimes resembling fine old Cabernet when mature. "

View Castelao's page click here





Wilga Park Castelao - not quite 3 years old - SOLD


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Last updated: July 2017

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