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Wilga Park Morgans:Foals

Eagleview Skybeau (aka Calypso) Foals

Wilga Park Malaynee - bay Filly - (Sire: Karenza Malanion)

Born 2005

Malaynee's owner, Jane, purchased her before she was born, and has had her started using Parelli methods in 2008.

Malaynee is a highly intelligent, athletic mare who will excel in whatever discipline she attempts. She has matured at a little over 14'1hh, a tad smaller than her 14'3hh Dam. She has never had an 'ugly' day in her life. Karenza Malanion, her sire, is a 14'2hh stallion with full Lippitt bloodlines, exhibiting the powerful traits of the original Morgan stallion, Justin Morgan.

Malaynee's name stems from Jane's two children, Melissa and Wayne ... with a twist to the spelling to incorporate Malanion, the sire.

View Malaynee's Page click here


Wilga Park Malaynee - almost 4 yrs SOLD

Wilga Park Summer Beauty - bay Filly - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 2006

Now 5 yrs of age (pictured) she has become a superb riding horse. Summer Beauty (paddock name 'Chance') has pure Western Working lines on her sire's side and a mix of Lippett and Government lines on her Dam's side. She has a very sweet nature, and has her mother's striking looks, only in bay.

Summer Beauty, the flowering eucalypt, is described as ... "of good form and size, with the most exquisite, pink flowers - a truly beautiful tree"

This young filly was sold at 15 months of age, to a wonderful horsewoman in Broome, Western Australia. They have experienced the most wonderful relationship together.

This beautiful girl was lost to colic at the tender age of 5.

Wilga Park Summer Beauty 5 yrs- aka Chance - SOLD


Wilga Park Serjania - smokey black Gelding (EE aa nCr) - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 2007

Pictured at 11 months of age, Jack has excellent conformation. He loves humans; is the friendliest, most confident, yet gentle yearling, and is very easy on the eye.

This gelding will mature into a horse that will stand out in the crowd as he epitomises the Morgan description with his beautiful broad forehead, big soft eyes, pointed ears and large nostrils. His gentle temperament will make him a joy to be with when taken out to compete. Sold at 13 months of age to Jan, who can't wait to get in the saddle.

Jack will mature at approximately 15'3hh based on his growth so far.

Jack's name is Spanish for the plant Supplejack, and the words that fit his adventurous and brave spirit are what determined his name.

W. Irving wrote, 'He was in form & spirit like a Supplejack - yielding but tough, though he bent, he never broke!' The true spirit of the Morgan horse.

Wilga Park Serjania (aka Jack) - SOLD

Wilga Park Jalapeno - palomino Gelding - (Sire: Ragtime Oro Blanco)

Born 2008

Pictured at 7 months of age, this stunning palomino will be one to watch out for. He is the largest foal Skybeau has had so far. He has beautiful white markings and we are really looking forward to seeing him unfold into the magnificent horse that he will be.

The name 'Jalapeno' comes from a proud young boy telling his Dad of his wondrous experience the night before of witnessing the birth of this little foal. He told his Dad that this foal was particularly special as he is "the first ever Jalapeno Morgan colt in Australia!" Luckily his Dad knew he meant 'Palomino". It made us smile and we couldn't resist calling this young boy 'Jalapeno', as it fits beautifully with our theme of naming our foals after a plant or tree of some sort.

This dazzling gelding is the perfect Palomino colour and only the second Ragtime Oro Blanco foal to be born in Australia. We could not be more pleased. He is superbly put together.

Jalapeno was sold to a wonderful horsewoman who planned to take him to the highest level in the Showring, however, sadly, circumstances prevented her from doing that.

Jalapeno is now owned by a lovely, talented lady at the Gold Coast who plans to drive him, ride him and have an amazing relationship with her horse of a lifetime. We will enjoy watching his progress with Alanna throughout his career.


Wilga Park Jalapeno 7 months of age - SOLD

Wilga Park Jacobinia - palomino Gelding - (Sire: Ragtime Oro Blanco)

Born 14 December 2009

Jacobinia, like his older brother, Jalapeno, is the absolute perfect golden palomino, with a lovely blaze!

An extremely athletic young gelding - very uphill, and set for a performance career.

The description of the plant Jacobinia is quite fitting.

'Jacobinia is a tropical evergreen plant that is a shade lover and brings dazzling colour to the darker parts of the garden. Otherwise known as Flamingo Plant, it originates in South America.' Very apt for this Golden boy.

Jacobinia is very uphill like his older brother, Jalapeno; is very athletic and has his Mum's wonderful paces. If he has half her 'smarts' (and he seems to, even at this young age), he will be awesome at whatever he tries! He is certainly hard to ignore, he is so attractive in the paddock.


Wilga Park Jacobinia - Sold

Wilga Park Santa Cruz - smokey black Gelding (EE aa nCr) - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 09 January 2011

Cruz is an upheaded, bright, intelligent, confident and a stunning foal, with a star and two hind socks.

At one week old he was playing boy games with the older colts. He is completely confident in his own skin. He is extremely eye-catching and will be one to watch out for in future years.

The description of the waterlily, Santa Cruz, is quite fitting.

'Santa Cruz is a huge water lily with fragrant flowers and strong leaves ... leaves that can hold the weight of a small human." We just felt that being born in such wet weather, the night before the floods in Toowomba, this boy is certainly a water lily of substance!

Cruz has the very best chance of being an awesome young athlete. With his parents good sense and intelligence, and athletic ability he should have an outstanding career in whatever discipline is chosen for him. Santa Cruz was sold at 2 months of age, to a 13 year old girl, and will live in Victoria with his older brother, Serjania.

View Santa Cruz's Page click here

Wilga Park Santa Cruz SOLD

Sadly we lost the beautiful 2012 buckskin filly at birth, as she was in a butt first breach position.



Wilga Park Silver Sabre - smokey black Stallion (EE aa nCr) - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 18 October 2013

Sabre was born to a surrogate Mum - the wonderful, most generous natured standardbred, Gracious.

Sabre is simply Superb!! His colour genetics are exactly the same as his two older siblings, Serjania and Santa Cruz, so he will be a glorious velvety chocolate colour.

This young colt is everything a Breeder could wish for. He has the temperament of an old soul who has been here before, along with the potential to be an outstanding athlete. Just exactly what we love to produce. We will keep Sabre entire.

Sabre will easily reach 15.2hh.

The Description of the Silver Sabre - "This multi-purpose sage has the striking good looks of an ornamental, plus the delicious flavour of a culinary herb. Sage was always revered as a wonder herb that cured all diseases and was even thought to have magical qualities. It was regarded with the utmost respect from all corners of the world, from the Egyptians to the Native Americans." … Striking good looks, magical, delicious, command respect … all these words are a perfect description of this beautiful specimen of Morgan horse.

View Silver Sabre's Page click here


Wilga Park Silver Sabre - SOLD

Wilga Park Summer Storm- bay gelding - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 04 January 2014.

Summer Storm is a gorgeous bay colt ... a long awaited and precious foal. He is an embryo transfer foal carried by the sweet thoroughbred mare, Vroom.

Storm has the most engaging personality. He is a super friendly, energetic, happy, and inquisitive soul.

Summer Storm is a long awaited foal as his full sister, Summer Beauty, the very first Cortez x Calypso baby was lost to colic at the tender age of five in early 2012. Summer Storm is already weaving his magic to ease the pain of that loss.

Description of the Summer Storm:

"This hardy form of Hibiscus is valued for it's showy late summer display of satiny blooms of pale pink with rose veins and brilliant magenta center. The wide petals overlap freely, displaying delightful crinkling. The Summer Storm flowers best in areas with long, hot summers. Summer Storm forms an upright, compact shrub of dark wine-purple to chocolate foliage. Sunlight brings out the dark tones in this foliage, so it will go deeper and deeper in the heat of the summer."

View Storm's Page click here


Summer Storm - SOLD


Wilga Park Sassafras - smokey black Filly (EE aa nCr) - (Sire: RanchBoss Cortez)

Born 17 October 2014

Sassafras is following in the footsteps of her older siblings with exactly the same colour genetics. Serjania, Santa Cruz, Silver Sabre and now Sassafras are all homozygous black with a cream gene.

This girl will be over 15hh.

Sassafras will be the last foal that Calypso carries, as we cannot run the risk of Calypso carrying a pregnancy again. Future foals from this amazing mare will only be by embryo transfer. Sassafras has all the wonderful qualities this cross produces. Intelligence and athleticism; a sound, sensible mind and a willingness to please are just some of the qualities this filly displays. She is also elegant and feminine with a beautiful Morgan head.

The Description of the Sassafras Tree -

"Sassafras is one of the wild treasures of North America. Legend has it that the windborne fragrance of the trees enabled Columbus to persuade his mutinous crew that land was near, and the herb is still one of the spicier delights to be found on a walk in the woods.

Sassafras is versatile. While the wood is light and strong, it is soft and easily worked.  The leaves, bark, fruit and roots of the sassafras are used for many varied medicinal purposes."

View Sassafras's page CLICK HERE

Sassafras - Supreme Champion Pure Morgan - SOLD


Last updated: October 2018

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