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Wilga Park Morgans: Archive News:Sept-Oct 2011

Latest News

Sept - Oct 2011

Darling Downs Festival of the Horse Stud Tour visits Wilga Park...

First Cortez Babies for the season ...

Western Australian Visitors enjoy a bareback ride on Cortez ...

Wilga Park Golden Maya and Wilga Park Linden find their new Owner ...

Some training for the yearlings ...

Morgans at the Dilute Championships 2011 ...

The busload of people arrived at 4.00pm on a Sunday to meet our Morgans and, for some, to hear about the Breed for the very first time in their lives. Wilga Park was the last stop for the group who had spent the day travelling around different Studs, Professional Equine establishments and enjoying some fine dining in between. Drinks and Nibbles and a magnificent show of Morgan talent was the order of the day.

Linda Shore and RanchBoss Cortez performed some lovely Medium level dressage moves and then Linda decided Cortez could pop over a jump ... all with just a thin leather strap around his neck. She then showed off our fabulous geldings, full brothers Mt Tawonga Nepean and Mt Tawonga Oscar, with her Roman Riding skills. Nepean and Oscar are from the wonderful cross of Marvelous Encore (Imp) & Mt Tawonga Margaret (recently deceased).

Linda Shore and RanchBoss Cortez Linda with Nepean and Oscar

During September and October we have also welcomed three Cortez babies into the world. All of them were two weeks late!! Christine Maroni's two mares, Starwyn Amber Mist and Pelennor Belmarie, delivered two gorgeous fillies ... both with the cream gene. Amber's buckskin filly, Slante (Sal) is so like our Golden Glory and Belle's smokey black filly, Narda, is to die for. Photos of these two beautiful girls below.

Belle Vista Slante (Sal)-RanchBoss Cortez x Starwyn Amber Mist Sal & proud Breeder, Christine Maroni
Belle Vista Narda (Cortez x Pelennor Belmarie) Narda is a beautiful smokey black filly

Then, also two weeks late, Wilga Park Bullrush arrived. Bullrush is everything we could wish for from the magic cross of our very first baby, Wilga Park Malaynee (Karenza Malanion x Eagleview Skybeau) and Ranch Boss Cortez. Bullrush is a bright, happy, inquisitive, innocent, courageous, super friendly, buckskin boy! He will melt every heart he comes across.

Bullrush taking Mum, Malaynee, for a gallop (3 days old) At 7 days of age, he is filling out beautifully

Debbie and Ashley Dowden visited Wilga Park whilst they were on holiday in Qld and it was pure delight to see Deb swing up on Cortez and take him for a bareback ride around the paddock. Our riding Morgans continue to be a source of joy to us. They offer every visitor the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful horse ride, if they so choose. Cortez certainly didn't disappoint Deb, by the look of the smile on her face.

Debbie Dowden from WA enjoying Cortez bareback Cortez was prepared to follow Deb home after the ride


Annabelle enjoying a ride on Oscar with Linda on Nepean


We are so very pleased to welcome Shelby Williams into the Morgan fold. Shelby has purchased not just one Morgan ... but two!! And both of them Wilga Park babies. Linden (Cortez x Haymeron Park Ruby Jane) and Golden Maya (Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika) will enjoy their lives together with Shelby, just outside of Samford. In preparation for their new life, Greg took both kids on an adventure around the farm. Each one was amazingly confident and secure in themselves throughout all the new and interesting experiences.

Wilga Park Golden Maya

Wilga Park Linden

Shelby & Maya Shelby & Linden

Maya mastering the big logs

Linden conquering the Monster shadow of the whirling windmill

Whilst Greg was at it, he decided that all the kids could have a little training. They were all quite happy to leave the herd and go out on their adventure around the property.

Conquistador (Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha) Tillandsia (Cortez x Mt Tawonga Marrella)
Santa Cruz (Cortez x Eagleview Skybeau) Tillandsia showing her eventing skills

We decided to take Cortez to the Dilute Championships in October. One of the reasons we did so was to catch up with Lea-anne and Craig Willett, owners of Wilga Park Jacobinia aka JJ. They have been out and about to lots of different shows and at Colourama, JJ, was awarded Supreme Palomino gelding. This son of Eagleview Skybeau (by Ragtime Oro Blanco) is a stunning boy.

Cortez came home with the Champion Buckskin Sash.

Wilga Park Jacobinia (aka JJ) and Lea-anne RanchBoss Cortez and Greg - Champion Buckskin Male



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Last updated: 30 October 2011

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