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Wilga Park Morgans:Archive News

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November 2011

More foals have arrived ...

Visitors share our Morgan pleasure ...

Wilga Park Bullrush finds his new owner ...

Red Bluff Paprika and Haymeron Park Ruby Jane (RJ) delivered their babies within two days of each other, on 03 & 05 November. We had fully expected Wilga Park Malaynee to have her foal about six weeks before any others were due. However, the mares had other ideas about when they might surprise us with their babies.

Malaynee made us wait a full two weeks before she finally delivered the gorgeous buckskin boy, Wilga Park Bullrush on 23 October. He thinks he is Prince of the Paddock and leaves his Mum to canter up to any visitor who enters the paddock. We love him to bits.

Wilga Park Bullrush (RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Malaynee) Bullrush, showing his style & confidence

Red Bluff Paprika, though she was inspected morning & night, still managed to pull a swifty and deliver her bay filly sometime during the night - two weeks early. She brought her nicely put together filly, Wilga Park Gidgee Wood, up to the Stable yards for breakfast with the rest of the herd. Gidgee had as much muscle tone as a week old foal ... no wonder Paprika decided it was time she was born.

Wilga Park Gidgee Wood (Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika) Gidgee - just a day or so old

RJ (Haymeron Park Ruby Jane), who had been on close watch for a number of weeks, and on Regumate until 320 days, as she threatened to foal down way too soon, actually lasted until 335 days. She finally popped out her beautiful package in the form of a bay filly with some lovely white markings. Wilga Park Liana is a stunning little girl, and another Foundation Morgan filly.

Wilga Park Liana (Cortez x Haymeron Park Ruby Jane) Liana making friends with grand daughter Annabelle

We have also been lucky enough to have had a few visitors to Wilga Park. We really enjoy having people come to visit and to spend time with our Morgans. Debby Clarke has been to visit a few times now and, as she is heading back to Northern Wales in the UK for a couple of year, she came for just one last 'Morgan' fix before she left. Deb has a 'frozen shoulder' at the moment and it was lovely to get an e-mail from her after she returned home to say that she had experienced two hours of pain free time whilst she was with our Morgans.

Debby and Bullrush Debby and Gidgee
Wilga Park Liana and Gidgee Wood hanging out together

Tammy-Lee Penney was over from WA to do renovation at their property here in Queensland and, of course, she would have been in all sorts of trouble if she hadn't come to visit and play with the horses every so often. Tam as here at the same time as Cass from Canberra and we all enjoyed a trail ride around the property on the boys. Tam & Coretz enjoyed some carefree gallops; Tam using the bareback saddle pad, whilst Cass and Nepean followed in a more sedate canter ... Oscar and I, unfit as we are, decided we'd just mosey along at the rear.

Tam also found time to play with the 2 year old, yearling and the babies.

Tam bringing in The Boys (Mt Tawonga Oscar and Mt Tawonga Nepean)

Tam and Cortez after their gallops

Cass & Mt Tawonga Nepean - Cass's first real ride in 3 years Tam and Wilga Park Desert Rose (Cortez x Wilga Park Tippuhana)

Tam grooming Wilga Park Tillandsia (Cortez x Mt Tawonga Marrella) a very sweet yearling filly

Tam & Gidgee having a smoochy moment

Before Cass left Wilga Park, she had decided that Bullrush was to be her Morgan. He has the personality, smarts, inquisitiveness and joy for life that Cass admires in a horse. We couldn't be happier than to see this rather special baby go to Cass. Bullrush is Calypso's first grandchild fromthe very first foal that we bred, Malaynee, and thus will forever hold a piece of our hearts.

Cass and Bullrush Malaynee giving her nod of approval to Cass

Janice De Raad, owner of black stallion, RainMaster, was also a very welcome visitor at Wilga Park. Janice was over from New Zealand. Janice is Pete's Carer. Pete, now a tetraplegic, was a top level Equestrian in New Zealand, and he was in Australia to attend a nephew's wedding. Being a horse person, he had no objection to visiting some Morgans whilst they were here.

Janice de Raad and Cortez RanchBoss Cortez saying hello to Pete



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Last updated: December 2011

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