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Wilga Park Morgans:Latest News

Archive News

November 2012 -January 2013


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Two more foals born to Wilga Park and all growing beautifully ...

Visitors to Wilga Park and random photos...


We were blessed with two more colt foals in late November and mid December. Wilga Park Tarragon was born just 2 weeks prior to Wilga Park Castelao. Both are beautifully put together babies.

Tarragon (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Marrella) Castelao (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha)

See more information on our For Sale page on these two outstanding babies.

We will share some photos of the wonderful times we have had with our visitors and our Morgans over the last month or so. To see video footage of the foals go to our For Sale page

RanchBoss Cortez making friends with Kerrie

Kachina looking on whilst Cabernet checks out Kerrie who is making friends with Grenadier

Grenadier - snuffling Emma

Laelia snoozing whilst Emma keeps watch

Wilga Park Laelia & Emma

Grenadier really settling in, whilst Tarragon checks if he is ok ... Laelia is having a scratch

Castelao annoying Grenadier

Castelao curious about Chaser with Greg

Now Castelao is picking on Laelia Grenadier looking gorgeous at 2.5 months old
Castelao looking for a scratch from Greg Emily and Grenadier

Castelao never gives up ... he's now annoying Tarragon

Rosemary whispering sweet things to Grenadier

Laelia with Mum Haymeron Park Ruby Jane

Tarragon showing us his style ... he is beautifully uphill and his canter had lovely cadence

Book Ends ... Laelia in front and Grenadier behind

And there Off .... Laelia and Tarragon (Tarragon was very unhurried)

Grenadier has a lovely loping style Castelao still trying to make Grenadier play with him
Emma enjoying a ride on a Morgan - Mt Tawonga Oscar Oscar and Olivia
Oscar showing Kerrie how to forget about being nervous Wendy giving Oscar some much needed exercise :)

For Previous News please click on our Archive News Link.

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Last updated: January 2013

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