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Wilga Park Morgans:News

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June 2012

RanchBoss Cortez - the Stallion who makes Wilga Park Morgans

photo by Outlaw Photography

Wilga Park Conquistador and Wilga Park Golden Glory...

Wilga Park Malaynee and her Cortez son, Wilga Park Bullrush...

It has been a few months since our last update - Time does not stand still for anyone ... and I think that is a good thing :)

Greg was playing with Mt Tawonga Nepean one day and saw that Conquistador(RanchBoss Cortez X Mt Tawonga Natasha) was wanting to join in. When Nepean was put back in the paddock, Greg haltered Conquistador. Conquistador was sending messages that he was really keen to do 'stuff', so Greg decided he would see if Conquistador would be happy with someone on his back ... the photos say it all. Conquistador was so happy to have some 'special' attention paid to him.

Though only 18 months old, Conquistador seems so much older in his mental attitude. It would be easy to take advantage of his willingness, but we know that he won't be ready to be under saddle until he is close to three years old.

Conquistador was so obliging for the photo opportunity. Rachel Whan, of Hodgson Park Morgans and Equestrian, in WA, owner of Conquistador, will have no trouble at all starting this boy. His mind is just so sound and so sweet. He will carry on Cortez's legacy of breeding sound minds in beautiful foals in WA.

Greg playing with Wilga Park Conquistador Conquistador seems very happy to have Greg astride

We had the opportunity to visit Tammie Pike, owner of Wilga Park Golden Glory (RanchBoss Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika) recently. Glory has found the perfect home with Tam. Tammie follows the Natural Horsemanship methods and Glory is the beneficiary of Tam's hard work and dedication.

Some ad hoc photos below of our visit with Tammie Pike. Our other close friend, Tammy-Lee Penney from Broome WA, was with us. Tammy-Lee also enjoyed a short ride on Glory. She had the priviledge of being the only person, other than Keryn who started Glory and Tam Pike, to ride Glory.


The glorious Golden Glory (RanchBoss Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika) Tammie on her gorgeous girl, Glory
Not many three year old horses will tie to a tree and stand patiently! Glory has done it from Day One. Tammie, asking Glory to step over so that she can mount.
Tammy-Lee enjoying her ride on Glory Tammie on Glory and Tammy-Lee on Red Bluff Royal Mail, Tam Pike's other pure Morgan, heading out on a trail ride.

We have had the pleasure of Wilga Park Malaynee's company for a year or so whilst she delivered and then weaned her Cortez son, Wilga Park Bullrush. She is now ready to go home to Jane and Kim Warren of Manyana Morgans, to deliver them another beautiful Cortez baby, hopefully just as special as Bullrush.

Below are some random photos of our horses shared with friends. Mid Winter means furry animals, but they give us a whole heap of joy no matter how they look - furry in winter or sleek and shiny in summer.

Sharing happy times with friends on the day Malaynee was to go home to Manyana Morgans Wilga Park Bullrush (RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Malaynee), an outstanding young gelding - a very special package, owned by Cassandra Scaife from Sutton, NSW.
Greg and Tammy-Lee Penney - hanging with Marrella and Tamarack A group hug with the herd
Mt Tawonga Marrella (Wawaywanda Watchout x Aura Dell Misty) with Kathy Wilga Park Tamarack (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Marrella - one day after gelding.


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Last updated: June 2012

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