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Wilga Park Morgans:Latest News

Latest News

July 2012

RanchBoss Cortez, the Stallion who makes Wilga Park Morgans; & our beautiful mares producing babies who will become someone's perfect partner.

Photo of Cortez by Outlaw Photography

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A Cortez colt is born in the USA ...

Cortez & Linda - Western Dressage Clinics ...

Wilga Park Liana & Wilga Park Tamarack - float loading training ...

Wilga Park Golden Solidago and Wilga Park Jacobinia under saddle ...

Wilga Park Chambourcin is Black Horse Clothing Model ...

We are thrilled to announce that the stunning mare, Disco Patricia, from Meshoppen, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, USA, has presented her owner Ellen Palillo with a beautiful colt foal. "Buster" is now two months old and is a stunning specimen of a Morgan Horse. Ellen is still stuggling to find the most suitable registered name for this lovely lad. Disco Patricia (Patti) and Ellen were Reining partners prior to Patti becoming pregnant.

"Buster" - RanchBoss Cortez x Disco Patricia Ellen and Disco Patricia in a spectacular sliding stop.

Linda Shore and Cortez have had on successful Western Dressage Clinic and another is planned for August; this time at Tewantin/Noosa Pony Club grounds. There is a lot of interest being shown in the Clinics, and in particular the demonstrations that Linda and Cortez will give - at Medium level (with a few canter pirouhettes thrown in as well).

One of Cortez's daughters is also becoming a well known face! Wilga Park Chambourcin is the 'Face' of Black Horse Clothing. Gillian Wooldridge, of Shibui Morgan Stud & Black Horse Clothing has diversified Chambourcin's talents, and as well as performing in the Dressage arena, Champy is a highly successful 'Model' for Gill's Clothing business.

Chambourcin (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha) in training with her owner, Gillian (Shibui Morgan Stud) Wilga Park Chambourcin - now 4 yrs - being a Super Model for Black Horse Clothing

We are very excited about some of our 2009 babies. Three of them have been started under saddle recently.

Nila Latimer has had Wilga Park Chancellor started and after a few rides, he is now having a break to soak up all the knowledge he acquired at the Trainer's stable. He will come back into work in a few months time to learn to be a dressage horse. Chancellor proved to have a very mature mind and was certainly ready for the experience. Nila has her sights firmly set on FEI dressage for her Morgan boys.

Wilga Park Chancellor (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha) - Nila's first ride Chancellor showing he already has self-carriage, 3 weeks under saddle


Lea-anne Willett & Wilga Park Jacobinia (aka JJ or Jay) have been having some instruction and learning heaps together. They have had a lot of fun along the way. JJ has shown he is totally unflappable and has given Lea-anne so much confience, they will make their ridden debut at a fun Dilute Show day in September. Jacobinia is an old hand at going out and about as they have attended many a show during the season, bringing home the ribbons.

Lea-anne showing Jacobinia (Ragtime Oro Blanco X Eagleview Skybeau) how to bend around cones Jacobinia showing Lea-anne how unflappable he is, as she stands on him & cracks a whip whilst another horse canters by
Jacobinia and Craig Willett at Caboolture Show


Amanda and Solidago are taking it easy and going slowly with their time together. Amanda is a self taught (for want of a better expression) horsewoman, learning from all the best horsemen, taking in what she thinks will work and discarding what doesn't suit.

It is a credit to Solidago's temperament and to Amanda's quiet confidence that they have achieved this together. Amanda has started Solidago completely unaided. Amanda and Sol are enjoying every step of the way.

GoldenSolidago (RanchBoss Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika) and Amanda McGill - Amanda's first ride!

Wilga Park Liana (RanchBoss Cortez x Haymeron Park Ruby Jane) is being prepared for her long trip to KOZI Morgans in North Queensland. Liana will join John and Kelli Kozicka's herd of Morgans to one day produce beautiful Morgans for the top end of Queensland.

Liana grows in confidence every time she goes out and about away from the herd. Whilst Greg was giving Liana some float loading training, Tamarack decided he wanted to join in. Tamarack (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Marrella) was extremely interested in getting on to that float. He seems to love doing interesting things.

The gorgeous bundle of fluff, Wilga Park Kachina (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Tabitha) also got in on the act and enjoyed some lead training.

Some photos below of these and other happenings at Wilga Park.

Wilga Park Liana - float loading training Wilga Park Tamarack and Liana investigating the float.
Tamarack heading into the float without hesitation Liana with Greg & Kachina with Kathy (photo by Christine Maroni Photography - Chris leased Kachina's Mum to us.
Wilga Park Gidgee Wood (RanchBoss Cortez x Red Bluff Paprika) saying hello to the beastie next door Wilga Park Kachina with Auntie Jasmin (photo by Jasmin's Mum - Christine Maroni Photography)
Tamarack(RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Marrella) becoming best friends with this little beastie Wilga Park Tillandsia - Tamarack's older full sister - looking gorgeous at 20 months old
Nila Latimer practicing her Medium level Dressage test on Cortez Helen, visiting with Nila, enjoying a ride on Cortez
A fun shot of the pregnant mares and youngsters as they head into a new paddock for the day.

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Last updated: June 2012

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