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Wilga Park Morgans:News

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January-March 2012

photo by Outlaw Photography

Wilga Park Conquistador will carry on his Sire's tradition of producing beautiful foals with sound minds - but not at Wilga Park as we had planned. No - Conquistador is to be the Foundation Stallion for 'Hodgson Park Morgans & Equestrian' in Western Australia ...

Wilga Park Morgans in Breed Display as Opening Entertainment at Pittsworth Agricultural Show...

Indigo Roc the Boat is a Star ...

RanchBoss Cortez wins Supreme Champion Pure Morgan in Hand for the second year in a row at The Australian National Morgan Horse Show 2012...

Mt Tawonga Oscar wins the coveted Mary Wooverton Silver Buckle Versatility Challenge AND is High Point Pure Bred of Show ...


Where has the time gone!!! So much news to share!!

Firstly we couldn't be happier for Wilga Park Conquistador. He has been purchased by Rachel Whan (owner of Wilga Park Tippuhana and her filly foal Hodgson Park Fringe Lily, by Cortez). Rachel plans to breed Morgans with beautiful, sound minds for those in WA who are in need of a sensible, no nonsense horse to enjoy life with and be competitive with, if they so choose.

Conquistador is his sire, RanchBoss Cortez, re-incarnated. He is willing, sweet, gentle and people oriented. He will carry on Cortez's legacy with Rachel taking him to his full potential as a riding horse and breed beautiful Morgans with him.

The stunning colt - Wilga Park Conquistador - 15 months old (RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha)

RanchBoss Cortez and Mt Tawonga Oscar ... the boys from Wilga Park ... took part in the Opening Entertainment at Pittsworth Show. The Morgan horses are gaining a reputation for putting on an entertaining event, and so we were invited to be the Opening act for the Saturday evening's entertainment.

We don't have many good photos of the event - but here are just a couple. It was a huge success.

RanchBoss Cortez and Linda doing their Bridle less routine The Quadrille

On the same week-end, Indigo Roc the Boat was competing about 50 minutes away at the Allora Dressage Championships. By Sunday afternoon, Rocky had earned both the Preparatory and the Preliminaty Championship Rugs. Megan, his rider, was tremendously pleased with the resutls ... and she commented that Rocky was not even working at his best to win.

This was an amazing achievement as it was against a good number of bigger thoroughbred and warmblood horses.

Rocky and Megan competing for the Championship
Rocky with one of his Trophy Rugs and his sashes

The weekend following the Pittsworth Show and the Allora Championships, our Morgans gathered in Toowoomba for the Australian National Morgan Show, held for the second year in a row in Queensland.

What a fabulous three days it was!! Our three boys, RanchBoss Cortez, Mt Tawonga Oscar and Indigo Roc the Boat brought home the 4 major Titles for the weekend.

RanchBoss Cortez - Champion Entire in hand and Ridden, and Supreme Champion Pure Morgan in Hand.

Mt Tawonga Oscar - High Point Pure Bred of Show AND winner of the Silver Buckle for the Mary Woolverton, 7 leg, Versatility Challenge.

Indigo Roc the Boat - Champion Ridden Gelding and Supreme Champion Ridden Pure Morgan.

Wilga Park horses certainly had a high profile at the ANMS 2012, with a number of yearlings as well as 4.5 month old Wilga Park Bullrush participating in the classes. Fifteen month old, Wilga Park Conquistador, was a very close second to a 2 year old in the In Hand Trail class.

Conquistador and Greg practicing for the In Hand Trail Class


The lovely Cortez filly, Lindhaven Gypsy Dancer, (out of a lovely QH/Arab cross mare)was Champion Part Bred Mare.

Lindhaven Gypsy Dancer - 19 month old Champion Part Bred



The afternoon of the Show began with a bang when Linda Shore and Cortez wowed the crowd with a Freestyle Western Dressage performance at Medium level. Later that evening, they again performed a Freestyle Western Dressage - only this time with no bridle ... simply with a rope around Cortez's neck.

Western Dressage Performance
Photo credits to: Outlaw Equine Photography
Cortez and Linda - Western Dressage with a difference! Medium level Dressage is hard enough - then take away the bridle!!


Some random photos of the ANMS ...

Above: Mt Tawonga Oscar in Trotting Race and the Trail (Versatility Challenge legs) - photos by Andrew Latimer Above: Oscar and Olivia doing the Dressage leg of the Versatility Challenge - photo by Outlaw Photos
Above: Indigo Roc the Boat competing in the Versatility Challenge

Above: Rocky and Megan flying along in the Trotting Race

All the above photos are compliments of Andrew Latimer.

Oscar and Olivia - High Point and Versatility Winners Rocky and Megan - Supreme Champion Ridden Morgan
Linda Shore and RanchBoss Cortez - Supreme Champion Pure Morgan Exhibit in hand Linda and Cortez on Grand Parade

As well as Shows - Clifton, Pittsworth and the ANMS - we also had some fun times at home with our Morgans. The following photos are just a small catalogue of the events at Wilga Park.

We used Clifton Show as an opportunity to take young Wilga Park Conquistador out for a trip - with Uncle Oscar and two year old Veteran, Wilga Park Desert Rose. Conquistador had his first rug, first float ride and then stepped off the float and marched into Centre Ring, amongst many competitors, without a concern.

Greg & one of his favourite boys, Conquistador Greg sharing his water with Conquistador at Clifton Show

Desert Rose - spiffed up for Clifton Show

Oscar - sporting the Reserve Champion Morgan Sash

Wilga Park Desert Rose with Tammy-Lee Penney Desert Rose is one of Tam's favourite girls
Wilga Park Tillandsia - first hose in preparation for ANMS Tillandsia loves the attention
Linda & Chelsea playing with ideas for the Breed Display Oscar is so much Fun!
Olivia having a play on Oscar bareback ... and then some serious training for the Australian National Morgan show
Grand daughter, Addison, with Wilga Park Cabernet & Greg

And Last - but not Least - a series of photos when Cabernet and her Mum were put back with the herd. Elle (Mt Tawonga Natasha) and Eagleview Skybeau (Calypso) are best buddies and immediately started a grooming session. Calypso's grandson, Bullrush, didn't lose the opportunity to take advantage of the situation!

Bullrush deciding to steal a drink from Cabernet's Mum - little Cabernet is astounded! Cabernet tries to tell Bullrush that it is 'her' Mum Bullrush won't listen, so she marches around the other side
When Cabernet tries to have a drink, Bullrush simply swapped teats Cabernet heading around to tell Bullrush that he is Way out of Line! Bullrush blithely ignores her ... and poor little Cabernet is Most disgruntled!!





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Last updated: March 2012

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