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January 2011 - I know it's old news now .... I promise some more SOON!!!

Our last Foal for 2010 is born ...

Oscar and Nepean, are learning to master Roman Riding

Visitors from WA and Qld ...

Our last baby for the year has been born. Eagleview Skybeau (aka Calypso) had her gorgeous black colt on Sunday night, 9th December, in the rain, out in the 100 acre paddock. Calypso has been known to drop her babies earlier than the normal 340 days, but has always given us some warning, so that we could be around. She certainly surprised us this time. She had been giving pony rides to our niece and nephew the morning prior to foaling down.

Eagleview Skybeau giving the kids a ride and 24 hours later with a foal at foot.

Wilga Park Santa Cruz (RanchBoss Cortez X Eagleview Skybeau) DOB 9/12/11

We have been preparing for the Australian National Morgan show that is to be held in Toowoomba from 08th to 10th April 2011. Our boys will be performing on the Friday night in the Entertainment section and also thoughout the weekend in various classes.

We are also doing a demonstration at the Toowoomba Royal Show the weekend before, on 2nd April. Mt Tawonga Nepean and Mt Tawonga Oscar have been training with Linda Shore to do a spot of Roman Riding. All three are learning together and they all deserve a medal! Linda, in a few short sessions, has mastered trotting the boys in figures of 8. As she had never attempted it prior to a few weeks ago, she is amazing!! It is a tribute to our Morgans' temperament, that she is willing to attempt it.

Linda Shore of RiverRange Warmbloods and Dressage 2 B Shore on Nepean and Oscar

We have had a wonderful parade of visitors over the last month or so. Visitors from Western Australia and also from Queensland. The Morgan Horse certainly gives us an opportunity to meet fabulous people.

Debby came from Brisbane to get her 'horsey' fix. Debby used to breed Morgans in the UK. We count ourselves lucky to have met and befriended this lovely lady.

Debby and Wilga Park Conquistador

Debby and Golden Maya.

Tammy-Lee has purchased her Wilga Park baby, Summer Beauty (Coretz X Eagleview Skybeau), and of course, just loves the Morgan Horse. Tam was here for a flying visit to check out properties in Queensland.

Tammy-Lee from Broome with Wilga Park Tillandsia

Jane and Tammy-Lee were also here to check out properties in Queensland and they arrived in Toowoomba the day of the horrific flash flooding. Luckily they were caught on the highway on our side of Toowoomba and were able to stay with us during the period of all the road closures.

Another Tammy-Lee (also from Broome) with Wilga Park Linden ... in the rain

Jane and Wilga Park Golden Maya ... in the rain!

Rachel, owner of Wilga Park Tippuhana and now Hodgson Park Fringe Lily (RanchBoss Cortez X Wilga Park Tippuhana) visited whilst over staying with family. Rachel was my very first riding Instructor and it was a fabulous feeling watching her ride my Morgan gelding, Mt Tawonga Oscar.

Rachel in WA with Wilga Park Tippuhana and her Cortez filly foal, Hodgson Park Fringe Lily

Rachel and sister Megan, meeting Conquistador and Tillandsia

Rachel riding Mt Tawonga Oscar, my pride and joy!

The babies are growing and they love to play with each other. The boys particularly like to play boy games with play biting of legs and necks.

Linden behind and Conquistador in front.

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Last updated: January 16 2010

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