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Wilga Park Morgans:Latest News

Latest News

February - April 2013


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Shows, Shows, Shows - Allora, Clifton, Pittsworth, Warwick, Toowoomba Royal ...

Three year old Wilga Park Desert Rose heads off the show ...

Training our latest babies ...

Visitors - local and from overseas...

Surprise photos of Jack, one of our 2007 babies ...

February is the start of the local show scene so we have been out and about showing off our Morgans to all and sundry. We don't particularly 'like' showing, but we love the opportunity it gives us to talk to people about our wonderful Morgans

Wilga Park Desert Rose was dragged out of the paddock, given a quick wash and taken to the Clifton show with Cortez, to join her foal paddock mate Wilga Park Jacobinia. Against some tough competition, it was Desert Rose and Jacobinia who stood up with Cortez for the Champion sash. A proud moment for us. Later in the day Cortez was awarded Supreme Stallion of Show.

Warwick Show was a wonderful event for us ... we got to see two of our three year old babies, Wilga Park GoldenSolidago and Wilga Park Jacobinia ridden in official classes. Solidago and Amanda McGill ventured out for the very first time and acquitted themselves well. Amanda can feel very, very proud of this achievement as she started Solidago herself. Wilga Park Jacobinia and Lea-anne also rode for only the second time at a show ... the first being Pittsworth show just a few weeks before.

March was an excellent month for our Morgans as we got to show them off to the crowd at the huge 3 Day event held at Morgan Park in Warwick. Linda Shore resurrected Mt Tawonga Oscar's crowd -stopping 'Two Faces of Oscar' performance, where Oscar shows what a lovely Medium Level dressage horse can do and then turns into the horse from Snowy River with his wild, whip-cracking rider, galloping around. A quick change from double-bridle and tophat and tails to a rope halter and cowgirl hat and stockwhip changed the atmosphere dramatically and had the crowd hootin' and hollerin'.

Cortez was, of course, spectacular as well, as Linda and he performed their beautiful western dressage to music, both with and without the bridle. As Linda had the room to move, she also took Cortez for a huge gallop with just the rope around his neck ... simply to show what a superb temperament and trainable mind Cortez has. Their performance drew huge applause.

April brought the Toowoomba Royal show and some training for our babies - this is the time that Greg loves, as he learns so much about each of the kids personalities. He gives them little challenges and he enjoys their successes just as much as they do.

I have so many photos to share I will let them tell the story of the last quarter in the lives of Wilga Park Morgans. The photos will be randomly chosen - not necessarily in date order.

RanchBoss Cortez & Wilga Park Jacobinia (Ragtime Oro Blanco x Eagleview Skybeau) 3 yr old gelding


Cortez receiving a kiss from Tom Pike Big brother Tom shows Sophie where she should plant the kiss Tom looks on approvingly as Sophie kisses Cortez.
Waiting for their class at Warwick Show. Greg was very proud of his boy. Lea-anne Willett, owner of Wilga Park Jacobinia, giving Cortez one last groom before he enters the ring at Allora.

RanchBoss Cortez & Linda Shore - Reserve Champion Ridden Dilute at Toowoomba Royal Show

Wilga Park Desert Rose, Wilga Park Jacobinia and Cortez - the Wilga Park Morgan line up for Champion Morgan

Linda and Desert Rose at Clifton Show

Jacobinia - Reserve Champion Morgan - Clifton Show

Cortez and Linda doing half pass at Pittsworth Show

Greg and Cortez with the Champion Morgan Sash at Pittsworth

Supreme Stallion of Show at Clifton

Linda and Cortez - first in the All Breeds Ridden class at Clifton

Jacobinia and Lea-anne Willett at Allora Show Greg adn Cortez - Supreme Dilute at Allora Show
Cortez and Greg heading back to the Ring at Warwick All owned or bred by Wilga Park ... the Pure Morgans who competed in the ridden Morgan class in Warwick

Jacobinia and Craig Willett - Champion Morgan Gelding at Pittsworth

Mt Tawonga Oscar with Wendy Brown, first in the Morgan Gelding class 4 yrs and over at Warwick - Oscar has won Wendy's heart.

Fun after the show ... Lea on Jacobinia, Amanda McGill on Cortez - trying out the saddle, and Craig Willett putting his hat on Cortez whilst Ruth McGill is amused by their antics.

A couple of happy riders on our Morgans

Cortez going for a gallop in the Breed Display at Warwick

Oscar - dragged out of the fat paddock to peform in the Breed Display at Warwick

Oscar and Linda in the Morgan Breed Display at Warwick Wilga Park Castelao - in training
Castelao enjoying summer grass Greg and Castelao - 3 months
Castelao is RanchBoss Cortez x Mt Tawonga Natasha ... a gorgeous boy Our surrogate Mum, Gracious, the Standard bred mare is the perfect Mum to all the foals. Here Tarragon is grooming her.
Vroom, our second surrogate Mum, the Thoroughred, is befriended by Wilga Park Desert Rose Desert Rose finds a friend in Doanna Anderson from USA
Doanna and Oscar having some fun in the arena Kellie and John Kozicka visiting Wilga Park

Golden Solidago & Amanda Toowoomba Royal

Cortez and Linda Toowoomba Royal

Wendy and Oscar Toowoomba Royal

Amanda and Solidago - a proud moment Toowoomba Royal

Jacobinia 3 years old - Toowoomba Royal

GoldenSolidago 3 years - Toowoomba Royal

Lindhaven Gypsy Dancer (by Cortez) Champion Part Bred Exhibit Toowoomba Royal

Craig Willett - first ride on Wilga Park Jacobinia - Toowoomba Royal

Wendy Brown and Oscar - Toowoomba Royal

Wilga Park Desert Rose, 3 yr old, and Linda - Reserve Champion Mare - Toowoomba Royal

A beautiful son of Cortez (out of Eaglveview Skybeau) - this is Wilga Park Serjania (aka Jack) now 5 years old gelding - it makes us so very proud to have bred this beautiful specimen of Morgan Horse.

Jack - what a beautiful note to end our Latest News ... these photos just came in from Jack's owner, Jan - Thank you, Jan.

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Last updated: May 2013

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