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December 2010

Our Mares are delivering beautiful Babies

Our babies this year are just as superb, if not more so, than our 2009 crop. They are everything a Breeder could wish for.

Haymeron Park Ruby Jane delivered a buckskin colt foal just after a huge downpour of rain at 5.00pm on a Friday. That was tremendously considerate of her. It meant we had the whole weekend to admire her gorgeous bo. Linden is rather special.

RJ had threatened to foal down too early, but we managed to help her hold the pregnancy for those vital two weeks that meant he was a very healthy, well formed foal when he arrived. His personality shines through. He is a small ball of muscle and has Presence oozing out of every hair on his body. He is one foal who demands your attention just standing in the paddock.

Description of the Linden Tree: - The Linden is a wonderful shade tree with a pleasing form and lustrous dark green leaves. As a rule, shade trees don't have very interesting flowers or a scent. But, the hardy Linden is the exception to the rule. Glossy, dark green heart-shaped leaves appear in spring, followed in June by small yellow-green flowers. The flowers are humble, but the fragrance will fill the air.

Wilga Park Linden

Our next foal was delivered by Red Bluff Paprika. Another buckskin, but this time a gorgeous filly, and a very different shade of buckskin. She is beautiful and very gentle in her nature. She loves scratches and cuddles but doesn't demand them. Even her bucking antics are rather elegant and certainly not boisterous. Wilga Park Golden Maya looks like she will follow in her siblings footsteps and grow to a minimum of 15hh.

Description of Golden Maya - Australian Frangipani - A very special new release. An unusual shaped pure yellow flower which emerges a very deep golden yellow fading to pure butter yellow. Australia's biggest and deepest pure gold frangipani - a world class variety! And this baby is world class!!

Wilga Park Golden Maya

Our third foal is a very stylish bay filly from Mt Tawonga Marrella. This filly has class to burn and is so outgoing, she cannot help herself ... she just has to march up to you when you enter the paddock to say hello. Even when she is a little nervous of newcomers, she will still do it, though you can see her little muscles twitching with anticipation. She has inherited that wonderful combination of Cortez and Marrella's movement. I can see her being a performance horse when she is grown.

Description of Tillandsia - Tillandsias are today’s “in” plants, easy to grow and can survive the neglect by its owner who may be too busy with their work. They give an exotic appearance to the home it adorns. Our Tillandsia has enough style to be classed as Exotic, that's for sure.


Wilga Park Tillandsia

We are impatiently awaiting our fourth foal from Mt Tawonga Natasha (aka Elle or Elegance). She normally foals down at 335 days, but this year she is holding on to that little bundle just that bit longer.

Finally Mt Tawonga Natasha (Elle) presented us with her baby ... a HUGE buckskin boy. No wonder Elle was so uncomfortable for so long ... Wilga Park Conquistador is a very tall, long legged, BIG boy. Though he is quite big, he was very lanky and was so loveable as he would wobble over to us to say hello and have a smooch. He is now unfolding into a very attractive foal. It took us a week to name him, as it has taken that long for him to unfold enough to take a good look at him

His name is chosen for a wine grape that is multi purpose and has a 'foxy' taste. It makes a beautiful wine that is quite unique in flavour. Conquistador is also Spanish for Conqueror ... and this boy will conquer many hearts in his lifetime, we can be sure of that.

Wilga Park Conquistador - 7 days old



Last updated: December 04 2010

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