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Wilga Park Morgans:News

Archive News

December 2011

Our last three foals for 2011 have arrived - Tamarack, Cabernet and Kachina ...

Wilga Park Cabernet visits Oakey Veterinary Hospital ...

Visitors enjoy our Morgans ...

Mt Tawonga Marrella was the first of the next three mares to present us with her foal. Her beautiful bay colt, Wilga Park Tamarack, was born on Christmas Eve morning - though he wasn't due until New Year's Day. Some of our Christmas visitors got to witness the birth of a foal for the first time, and we thanked Marrella for this lovely Christmas present - her beautiful foal, as well as sharing the experience with others. Tamarack is very eye-catching!

Wilga Park Tamarack - just born Tamarack - a week old
Tamarack - showing his style Tamarack - love his deep warm eyes

Then, late on Christmas Day, I noticed Mt Tawonga Natasha (Elle)was dripping milk. I put her in the stable, with foal alarm on, thinking that she may have her foal either early the next morning, or maybe even later the next day. I was counting the days of gestation. She was 322 days, so the foal, though early, should be fine.

The evening was so balmy, we all stayed outside longer than usual, and young Annabelle was heading to bed an hour later than normal. Thank heavens I had the monitor turned on in the bedroom, as I had forgotten to switch the pager on. The pager picks up the foal alarm signal. It was Annabelle's Dad, Mel, who noticed that Elle was laying down and looked very uncomfortable. Sure enough, she was foaling. Annabelle didn't get to bed for another few hours. We all rushed down to the stable to help Elle with the birth.

Cabernet - Just born Cabernet - 2 days old with grand-daughter, Rhiannon

The exquisite black filly was practically named that night. Mel suggested that Cabernet could be the only possible name we should consider for such a dark, glorious foal. We thought about that for a day or two ... but couldn't go past Cabernet as the perfect name for our dainty little filly. Her older siblings have names of wine grapes - Chambourcin, Chancellor, Conquistador - and now Cabernet.

I was a tiny bit concerned that Cabernet took a little longer than usual to find her first drink and then, after a sleep, had difficulty latching on again. I finally went to bed after she had found where to get a drink twice in a row and actually had a deep drink.

However, by Day 4, it was obvious that Cabernet was not well. She was referred to Oakey Vet Hospital to try to find why she was rolling with tummy pain. Cabernet, being born early, was suffering, as her stomach was not yet ready for the amount of milk it was getting, and was blowing up with gas. After 7 days at the hospital, Cabernet and Elle were finally allowed to come home. She was on some medication to help her stomach for another 5 days, but now she is coming into her own and beginning to romp around the paddock.

Cabernet - enjoying the freedom of a big yard The Beautiful Girl - Cabernet
Notice Auntie Calypso watching with interest Christine Maroni is responsible for some of these beautiful photos

Mt Tawonga Tabitha, who conceived two days later than Elle, presented us with her beautiful bay filly at 9.00am on New Year's Day. Tabitha was also two weeks early, but her little Kachina was definitely ready to be born. She was ready to meet people from the moment she took her first breath.

I had the most amazing experience with Tabitha. Though I had the stable door open so that Tabitha and her baby could wander into the stable yard whenever they wished, they had stayed indoors. I went into the stable yard to fill the water bucket and as I stood there, Tabitha stepped out of the stable, looked at me, turned to face the open doorway and nickered to her little girl. As Kachina made her way tentatively over the step into the yard, Tabitha's eyes became soft, and she seemed to stand tall, filled with pride. She was showing off her little girl to me. She looked at me and then at her baby, as if to say, "Don't you think she's beautiful' - like any proud Mum would. She then moved to the gate, standing as tall as she could, with her neck arched beautifully, and scanned the paddocks for the herd ... I'm positive she was ready to parade her little girl in front of them all ... but they were no where in sight.

When I came back to the gate shortly afterward, I knelt down to be at eye level with Kachina. Tabitha immediately put her head down and nudged Kachina towards me. She was telling Kachina that I was ok and that she could talk to me without fear.

Kachina has complete trust in the human world, because her wonderful Dam has instilled that in her. She also has a magnetic personality. It is almost impossible to drag your eyes away from this beautifully put together little girl. She has something special about her that captivates us.

Wilga Park Kachina (Cortez x Mt Tawonga Tabitha) Kachina showing off for Greg

The three older foals, Bullrush, Gidgee Wood and Liana are growing beautifully. They are a motley crew as the foal fluff is peeling away to show their real coat underneath.

Wilga Park Gidgee Wood - 7 weeks Wilga Park Liana - 7 weeks
The Three Amigos - Gidgee, Bullrush and Liana Bullrush with Jane - enjoying a scratch

We have enjoyed a number of visits from friends who have come to see the babies. Here are some photos below of our friends, family and Greg enjoying the company of our Morgans.

Brock & Conquistador - yearling colt Tam and Tamarack
Trevor with Marrella and Tamarack Greg with yearling colt, Conquistador

Chris enjoying time with Oscar

Oscar giving Laura the confidence to canter

Greg & grand-daughter, Abigail, on Nepean Desert Rose, Santa Cruz & Eagleview Skybeau (waiting for their scratch)

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Last updated: January 2012

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