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Wilga Park Morgans:

Archive News

December 2013 - May 2014

To see more photos - you don't need a Facebook account -

The many photos below will record the happenings at Wilga Park over the last six months or so. Lots of Fun has been had since we last updated the Latest News ...

Let's start back at the end of November ... Wilga Park Desert Rose is now under saddle!! She is one of many Wilga Park babies under saddle now. It is wonderful to see the pleasure our babies have been giving their owners. Greg's dream, all those years ago, to breed Morgan horses so that people could enjoy their riding experience, has most certainly come to fruition.

Desert Rose was started by Phil Rody in late November. Another Cortez baby under saddle!!

Tammy-Lee enjoying her first ride on Desert Rose at Phil's place - that smile says it all.

Silver Sabre and his Standardbred Surrogate Mum, Gracious, enjoying the attention from Nina, Annabelle and Brodyn

Sabre showing off for Latte - and the camera at two months of age

We do love visitors!! And so do the horses! The interaction between kids and foals is beautiful to watch. Cortez loves the little people as well.

Emma meeting Cortez ...

... and Emma meeting his smokey black son, Silver Sabre

I had the great fortune to visit our friend, Nila Latimer, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, where she offered me the opportunity to ride Wilga Park Chancellor. It is such a wonderful feeling to ride a horse that we've bred. Chancellor is a very balanced horse, just like his sire and his dam (Mt Tawonga Natasha), which made him a joy to ride ... he is so, so comfortable!! Nila's passion is Dressage and her goal is to take her pure Morgans to Grand Prix.

Kathy riding Chancellor

Nila's ambition is to take Chancellor to Grand Prix

Cortez is having a break from going to all the Shows - and enjoying every moment of his 'down' time

Chase the Border Collie is doing her job of being 'Photo Shoot Assistant'

Summer Storm (Cortez x Eagleview Skybeau) was born in early January. Tammy-Lee and Storm have great plans for a future together

Storm meeting our grandchildren,Tegan and Morgan, when he is 2 days old

Full brothers - 2.5 months apart - from surrogate Mums - both Cortez x Eagleview Skybeau, aka Calypso, babies

Summer Storm with his surrogate thoroughbred Mum, Vroom - as they join the herd for the first time

When Latte met Storm, she adopted him as her best friend

Latte and Storm are often found together in the paddock, grooming or just hanging out together - these two are simply beautiful foals

Wilga Park Silver Sabre has two older full brothers, Serjania and Santa Cruz, with exactly the same colour genetics - EE aa Cr Crn Homozygous black with one cream gene. Silver Sabre is a clone of older brother Wilga Park Serjania (aka Jack) - photos below. Both Jack and Santa Cruz are owned by the Tucker family in Victoria.

Jan decided it was time to take 7 year old Jack out to competition for the first time, and at both Bendigo and the Melbourne Royal, Jack came home with Champion ribbons. The photos below are of Jack and his trainer Kate Lovig. We are so very proud of this stunning 15'3hh gelding.

Kate on Wilga Park Serjania - Champion Ridden Morgan at Bendigo

Kate and Serjania at Melbourne Royal - Champion Morgan Gelding and second in the Morgan Ridden class.

On the subject of Shows, Cortez's other babies have been going out to the local Shows, whilst he stayed home enjoying his time off. Desert Rose is proving to be a strong contender for following in her Sire's hoofprints as far as bringing home the Champion Ribbons. Her first Champion Morgan Mare ribbon was at the age of 15 months, at Toowoomba Royal against a large field of more mature mares.

We like to use the Clifton Show as an outing for our younger Morgan's first outing, and we can't express how impressed we have been with the way our babies handle this first introduction to Show activity. Wilga Park Desert Rose and Mt Tawonga Oscar were the 'experienced' horses at Clifton this year, showing the ropes to yearling, Wilga Park Grenadier and two year old Wilga Park Kachina.

Desert Rose - Champion Morgan overall - with Tammy-Lee

Kachina - 2nd to Desert Rose in the pure mare line up

Grenadier - first pure gelding and Reserve Champion Morgan to Desert Rose's Champion Morgan- with proud new owner, Kath Fry.

Oscar and Wendy participated in the ridden classes - They achieved First Morgan Ridden and a number of first and second ribbons in the Open classes.

Pittsworth Show was a lot of fun, as it always is, with 'The Most Versatile Morgan' class being a big draw card for Morgans around south-east Queensland. It was quickly followed by Warwick Show and then the Toowoomba Royal. Cortez was dragged out of his semi-retirement to go to Toowoomba Royal where he was, once again, adorned with the Supreme Champion Morgan trophy rug.

We hope Desert Rose and young Silver Sabre will be flying the Wilga Park flag at Toowoomba Royal next year. The following photos are a pictorial story of those shows ... then we get back to Fun on the Farm at Wilga Park :)

Desert Rose - First Pure Bred Morgan Mare out of a line-up of lovely mares - with Greg

Mt Tawonga Oscar and Wendy - in 'The Most Versatile Morgan' class - Oscar won the trophy rug for a second time!! Congratulations on an extremely well ridden class, Wendy Brown!

Yulara Cruiser - a part-bred Cortez gelding out of a lovely thoroughbred mare, with owner Gail Smith.

Cruiser was Champion Buckskin Gelding at Pittsworth Show. Congratulations Gail, on a gorgeous 2 year old. This boy is going to clearly make 16hh, if not more!

Lindhaven Gypsy Dancer, a part bred Cortez daughter out of a Quarterhorse mare, with her handler, Mette Damm.

Proud owner Lindy McLoughlin with Mette and Gypsy - Gypsy was Reserve Champion Buckskin Mare at Pittsworth Show

Warwick Show - and Desert Rose once again sported the Champion Morgan Sash - which entitled her to be Judged in the Supreme Champion Halter horse of Show

Greg and Desert Rose in the Trot out in Supreme Champion Halter Horse of Show. It was a number of nail biting minutes whilst the seven Judges tried to come to a decision on the Supreme Champion from the large line up. There was much discusson over the Morgan Mare and the Friesian Stallion ... with the Friesian stallion taking the Garland and Rug. We were very proud that Desert Rose attracted so much attention.

Cortez - Supreme Champion Morgan, Champion Ridden Stallion and Supreme Champion Ridden Morgan - Toowoomba Royal (with Linda Shore) - photo by Oz Shots

Desert Rose - shown by Tammy-Lee - was Champion Pure Morgan Mare at Toowoomba Royal

Mt Tawonga Oscar - shown and ridden by Wendy Brown was Champion Pure Morgan Gelding & Champion Ridden Gelding at Toowomba Royal - photo by Oz Shots

Yulara Cruiser, shown by owner Gail Smith, was Champion Part-Bred Morgan Gelding at Toowoomba Royal

Toowoomba Royal is not complete without the Morgan Breed Display - this year it was the Wilga Park Morgan Breed Display. Cortez and Linda were once again spectacular with their bridle less Western Dressage Display

Of course, the Breed Display would not be complete without Linda being innovative and gutsy and standing on Oscar's rump to do some 'crowd drawing' whip cracking

Desert Rose and Tammy-Lee showing the crowd the beautiful paces of a Morgan in hand

Wendy Brown on Cortez

Wendy and Oscar had some Hula Hooping fun with some talented Hula Hooping Kids

The Hoop comes off when Oscar finally puts his head down for a bit of apple ... carrot could not entice his head down at all :)

Check out our Videos Page for a complete slideshow of the Breed Display

Meanwhile ... back at Wilga Park we have been having fun spending time with the youngsters and doing a little training, as well as enjoying the Trail Paddock with friends and family. Cabernet is now two years old and it is time for her to learn a few things to prepare her for her future as a saddle horse for grandchildren. Kachina and Cabernet were born one week apart and are both keen to do something interesting.

Oscar and Tam giving Cabernet her first lesson

Cabernet is figuring out the 'ponying' experience for the first time.

Castelao, Cabernet's yearling full brother, had a little training as well

Tarragon (yearling) obligingly succumbed to the indignity of being photographed whilst being soaped up from head to tail - his first bath

Wendy and Oscar had some fun around the barrels

Cortez and Tam join in the fun ... bareback barrels :)

Grenadier having some float training prior to going out to the Show

Kachina and Cabernet looking on - 'What about Us??"

It is Kachina's turn to experience the Trail Paddock before going to her new owners, Steve and Leonie Smith of Leambro Morgans

Kachina was so level headed out on the Trail for the first time

Greg and Kachina ... she has such a sound mind - she was impressive!

Grenadier has fun when he is out on the Trail ... some training prior to going home with Kath Fry for a wonderful future together

Grenadier and Greg taking advantage of those barrels on the arena ... he is a smart young gelding, this one.

Cabernet experienced the Trail for the first time with Wendy Brown - Wendy pampered her with a bath and then took her exploring

Cabernet and Wendy on the 'Road' in the Trail paddock

Kath and Emma Fry on Oscar and Greg on Nepean - on the Trail at Wilga Park

Greg and Nepean leading the way

Full brothers, Mt Tawonga Oscar and Mt Tawonga Nepean with Kath and Emma ... these boys are worth their weight in Gold.


Kath Fry experiencing the wonderful ride a Morgan horse can give

Kath and Emma with Grendadier and Silver Sabre

Grandchildren Abigail on Nepean and Samuel having fun with Chile the Border Collie

Kathy (Gran) on Oscar and Abi on Nepean. Nepean really shows his true value as a confidence booster for young beginners.

Abi meeting Summer Storm

Nepean giving Sam the joy of a short ride in the arena.

Another one of our Morgans found their forever home in the last six months as well. The beautiful yearling, Wilga Park Laelia (RanchBoss Cortez X Hayermon Park Ruby Jane), has become a member of Jane Parsons and Tammy Brown's family. Laelia and Greg had some training sessions together before Laelia left for her new home, which is only about an hour away. Laelia will have a wonderful life with Jane and Li'l Tam.

Laelia and Greg during a training session

Greg shows Laelia that she is an exceptional filly and that he appreciated her efforts during training.

Laelia meeting her new family

Tammy, Laelia and Jane - they have some fun years ahead of them.

Oscar and I, along with Mt Tawonga Star (aka Sage) ventured out to the first Western Dressage Competiton to be held on the Darling Downs. Linda Shore has formed the Darling Downs Western Dressage Club and the first Schooling Show was held in Toowoomba. Of course, Cortez had to go along as well ... he is, after all, the horse who was on the journey with Linda to arrive at this point. Linda proudly rode Cortez at this fun event at Level 3. Oscar and I competed at Level 2 and Tammy-Lee and Sage competed at Level 1. You would not know that Sage was a green broke horse. He was awesome! It was fun day for all competitors and the next is keenly anticipated.

Cortez and Linda at the first Darling Downs Western Dressage Schooling Show

Tam and Sage, Kathy and Oscar - a great day at the Western Dressage. Sage is telling Oscar that he thinks this WD stuff is great fun! :)

Well - I think that brings us up to date with our 'Latest' news :)

For Previous News please click on our Archive News Link.

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Last updated: June 2014

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