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Wilga Park Morgans:Latest News

Latest News

August-September 2012


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Morgans at the EKKA...

Morgans at the Gold Coast Show ...

Visitors to Wilga Park ...

Visiting our Wilga Park Kids ...

We were once again very proud to be involved in the Morgan Displays in the Breed Expo village at the EKKA (Royal Brisbane Show). It was a highly successful 10 day promotion for the Morgan Horse, showcasing the Breed to thousands of people.

Greg & Cortez in the Breed Expo Display Laura Miranda and Claudia Morris having fun grooming Cortez

For the first time, ever, a pure Morgan was shown at the EKKA ... though in Dilute classes not Morgan Classes. Lea-Anne and Craig Willett can congratulate themselves and their palomino boy, Wilga Park Jacobinia (Ragtime Oro Blanco X Eagleview Skybeau) on reaching a milestone in Morgan History in Australia. We take our hats off to these two ... they do not lose an opportunity to promote the breed to as many as possible.

A photo story is below:

Greg and Craig wishing Jacobinia well

Lea-anne and Jacobinia heading into a class

Posing for the official photo

Ok - Class over ... time for a break

Shortly after the EKKA we headed to the Gold Coast Show. It was a wonderful day, as we caught up with two of our babies, full brothers Wilga Park Jalapeno and Wilga Park Jacobinia. It is so satisfying to see our babies giving pleasure to their owners.

Wilga Park Jacobinia (~3 yrs) (photo by Teela G Photography)

This was actually taken when JJ won his Reserve Champion Galloway at the Dilute Show at Gatton against over 50 entrants.

Wilga Park Jalapeno (~ 4 yrs) - his first outing and he behaved like an old Pro.

Jacobinia with Lea ... Craig in the background

Jalapeno and Alanna

Morgan Champions - Wilga Park Jacobinia (Gelding), Fernleigh Creek Scarlett (Mare) RanchBoss Cortez (Stallion & Supreme)

The Judge on the day was ecstatic with her choices on the day and said she has never seen such an excellent line up of Champions.

Cortez, in his usual style, brought home not only the Supreme Champion Buckskin sash, but the Grand Champion Dilute and Supreme Champion Morgan Exhibit. He certainly is a favourite in the Show Ring.

Greg was Cortez's rider on the day. Together they won the ridden Dilute and the ridden Morgan classes. A wonderful achievment, especially as Greg had not been in the saddle for a number of years.

RanchBoss Cortez and Greg with the Supreme Sash Greg and Cortez - they won the blue ribbon in the Open class as well as the Morgan class!

We have been having a lovely time lately catching up with our Wilga Park Kids ... not just JJ (Jacobinia) and PJ (Jalapeno) at the shows.

We headed north and spent some time with Shelby and her two Wilga Park Kids, Golden Maya and Linden ...

Wilga Park Golden Maya - turning 2 years old Wilga Park Linden - also turning 2 years old in November
Shleby and her boy, Linden Shelby and her girl, Golden Maya

And then dropped in to say G'day to Lisa and Tim Wong and their new babies, and Wilga Park Lisianthus (Linden's older sister), who has grown into a beautiful young mare ...

Lisianthus, almost 3 years, meeting 2 month old Daniel Wong Greg and Lisi renewing their acquaintance.

We also headed south to Warwick to catch up with Wilga Park GoldenSolidago and Amanda McGill. Amanda was enjoying a training session with Solidago when we arrived. Solidago is going beautifully under saddle and Amanda can take the credit for all of his training. They even showed off their new trick for us.

A bow from Wilga Park GoldenSoldiago Solidago and Amanda are making fantastic progress under saddle.

As well as going visiting, we have had some wonderful times with visitors to Wilga Park. Here are some photos of the fun times we have been having at home.

Tammy-Lee Penney with almost 2 yr old Tillandsia Tillandsia's lovely head
Jorjah and Marissa enjoying cuddles with the foals Grand daughter Morgan grooming Gidgee
Gidgee looking for more attention from Jorjah Gidgee feeling so comfortable she decided to put her head in Jorjah's lap for that extra long snooze
A beautiful sight ... a gorgeous girl on a gorgeous stallion Oscar showing Jorjah what a fantastic ride you can have on a Morgan
Greg found some bright scrap of broken Kite in the paddock & decided to see if the herd would be worried by it ..... Nope - Kachina, Tillandsia and Gidgee decided they might investigate to see if it was edible.



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Last updated: June 2012

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