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August 2011

Morgan Horses at the EKKA (Royal Queensland Show) ...

Mt Tawonga Nepean and Emily achieve success ...

Visitors have fun on our Morgans ...

Cortez hits the Trail ...

From Kangy Angy to Broome ...


We are so very proud to have had RanchBoss Cortez and Mt Tawonga Oscar at the EKKA again this year to represent the Morgan Breed in the Breed Expo Pavilion. Over the 10 days of EKKA, between 9.00am and 6.00pm, the 18 Breeds that were lucky enough to be chosen to be represented gave continuous half hour displays to entertain the crowd.

What makes us even more proud was that Wilga Park Madagascar and Wilga Park Lisianthus (who is just 18 months old) also represented the breed in the Breed Expo ... Maddy for 5 of the 10 days. Both astounded the crowd with their total disregard of the dreaded blue tarp being threaded through their legs and over their heads. Lisa Wong, their owner, also threads both Maddy and Lisi through a hoola hoop, twirling the hoop that has streamers attached down their barrell and then over their rumps for them to step out of. Tremendous display of the Morgan Horse Temperament.

See our Video Clips page for video clips of Cortez and Linda's Bridle-less Display.


At the Ekka


Mt Tawonga Nepean is continuing to give joy to young Emily who has been mastering the skills of riding on him from the young age of six. Emily, now just turned nine, is smitten with horses, and has, with a number of breaks over the years, finally mastered the canter on Nepean. Nepean is a wonderful horse to learn on, as he will only do as much as his rider can manage safely. We were all so proud of Emily (and Nepean) the day she asked him to do trot, canter, trot, walk transitions and he did them willingly for her.

Emily at the age of six on Nepean

Emily, now almost 9 years old - the day she cantered.

Our young friend, Rachel, came to visit to introduce her German friend to our Morgan horses. Anna and Rachel saddled up Mt Tawonga Oscar and Mt Tawonga Nepean to head out for a trail ride. Before they hit the trail, they had some fun in the arena. The boys were very obliging and really enjoyed the time out on the trail.

Anna Plagge enjoying Mt Tawonga Oscar Rachel Cass renewing her aquaintence with Mt Tawonga Nepean

Greg also hit the trail on Cortez one day ... the weather was so wonderful and Cortez was gazing at him with such a wistful look in his eye, Greg just couldn't resist the urge to give up the farm work and saddle up. I discovered them as they were coming home from a very enjoyable, relaxing time together.

The Boys are pretty happy with themselves

Love that look on both boy's faces

Linda Shore, Cortez's trainer, enjoys the fun rides as well as the training sessions with Cortez. One beautiful winter morning in August she and Cortez enjoyed some bridle-less time together. Free as the breeze, they were as one, as they flew across the paddock.

Linda and Cortez A big stretch - Linda's dog, Tip, leading the way That was Fun!

During August, we grabbed a short break from our every day work and visited some of our babies with their owners. We visited Wilga Park Chancellor with Nila and Andew Latimer in Kangy Angy, NSW, then flew to Broome WA to visit Wilga Park Golden Ash (aka Flynn) and Wilga Park Summer Beauty (aka Chance) with their respective owners, Sue Bendotti and Tammy-Lee Penny. We flew to Darwin and had a brief look at the Northern Territory, visiting Kathrine Gorge. A few days in Tropical Cairns and then home again. We could not have managed it without our dependable (becoming indispensable) friend, Clarie Chappell, looking after our herd.

In NSW, with Nila and Andrew, one could have been forgiven for thinking we were in a 5 star Hotel. Our stay was glorious!

We didn't get a photo of Chancellor as he was covered in mud from the constant rain they have had on the Central Coast of New South Wales, but we did manage to capture Nila training her three year old Morgan, Red Bluff Tantalus, and her friend giving part bred Morgan, Red Bluff Ink, a work out.

Red Bluff Tantalus - preparing for a Dressage competition (These two have a huge future in front of them) Red Bluff Ink - 5 yrs old (see more of Ink on our Other Morgans For Sale Page)

And then we hit Broome!!! What a wonderful little piece of Australia that is ... from long stretches of white sandy Beaches with flat, turquoise seas to arid, red, dusty land that stretches as far as the eye can see. We were treated to an amazing first evening with an unexpected picnic with prawns, smoked salmon, cheese, crackers and wine whilst we watched the amazing sunset over the sea. Our young friend, Tam, looked after us beautifully.

Tam & Greg - Sunset at the Beach Cable Beach - Broome

Then it was time to move to 12 Mile, outside Broome, where Wilga Park Summer Beauty and Wilga Park Golden Ash, our first two Cortez foals, live just one block away from each other. Sue Bendotti and Tammy-Lee Penny treated us to some wonderful relaxing days, delicious dinners and superb company. The highlight of our trip to Broome, apart from spending time with our friends, was to be able to experience, first hand, the way Sue and Tammy-Lee have taken our babies from yearlings to four year olds that are the most exhilarating horses to ride. Each horse has his/her own personality and style, but each horse was pure joy to ride. Both are exactly as their owners describe them (visit our Notes and Quotes page to read their comments.)

These two Cortez babies are at the opposite end of the Spectrum in size. Chance (Summer Beauty) is about 14'1hh, the perfect size as far as Tammy-Lee is concerned, and Flynn (Golden Ash) is 15.3hh. At just 4 1/2 years old, Sue hopes that he has stopped growing - but he may surprise her with a little more yet.

We had some fun in the arena at Tammy-Lee's property and then Sue allowed me the pleasure of riding her Flynn (Golden Ash) out on the trail (she rode her old boy, Buz). I couldn't have asked for any better.

Some photos of the glorious time we had in the red dust of Broome :)


Sue Bendotti and our first Cortez X Paprika baby (Golden Ash - aka Flynn). These two have a magical relationship. Tammy-Lee with our first Cortez X Eagleview Skybeau baby (Summer Beauty - aka Chance) and her stockhorse, Review, behind. You can easily see the relationship Tam has with her equine kids. They, and her kelpie dogs, hold a very special place in her heart.
Fun time in the arena ... Kathy on Chance, Sue on Flynn Kathy on the trail with Flynn - he was so safe and dependable I was not nervous at all.
Tammy-Lee & Chance, on the trail So easy to ride!



Sue and Flynn - I love what these two have together Tammy-Lee & Chance ... a perfect match!


Kathy on Chance ... she is so very light and balanced, I felt as if I was riding a much older, more educated horse. Tammy-Lee showing us how she can send Chance on in to canter simply by increasing her energy ... and then how she comes to a standstill by simply dropping her energy level ... no reins! Chance is so attuned to her rider.


For Previous News please click on our Archive News Link.






Last updated: 10 September 2011

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