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Home of RanchBoss Cortez

Temperament cannot be taught - it is passed from generation to generation at Wilga Park.

Fulfill Your Dream

Wilga Park Morgans have been breeding quality Morgans from old style Morgan bloodlines since 2005 with the added bonus of colour.

Our breeding stallion, RanchBoss Cortez, is an imported buckskin Foundation Morgan from pure western working bloodlines. He, along with our carefully matched mares, is producing foals with exceptional temperaments and the athletic ability to suit every rider’s goal, from performance to trail.

Cortez stamps his gentle, intelligent nature into all his foals.

Our foals’ early training and handling is aimed at developing their self-confidence away from the herd by combining their natural trust of humans and willingness to learn, with soft training aids, patience and lots of praise for trying.

Currently we are establishing a Trail circuit on our property that is designed to stimulate the young Morgan’s inherent curiosity, enthusiasm to please and develop their horse to human partnership skills.

The comment we hear often from our Wilga Park Kid’s owners is how happy they are to have found their heart horse.

Our passion is to share this wonderful breed with as many as possible so we are breeding these beautiful Morgan horses for those looking for their lifelong equine partner.

We are a "boutique" stud and breed four or five Morgan foals each year.

Please click on the photos below to obtain more information about these amazing Morgan horses.

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Last updated: November 2014

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